[FIRST IMPRESSION] L’Oreal – Infallible Pro-Last Lip Color – Permanent Blush

It’s been so long since I posted anything on here! I’ve been busy with school and work, so I haven’t really had the time to review and try out any new products. Along with that, there weren’t any products that really caught my eye at the drug store. However, with the new year there’s been a couple of products that have intrigued me, and of course I tried some out!

PicsArt_145179.8652838334L’Oreal came out with a new lip color line, basically taking the idea of a liquid lipstick and adding a balm with it. I picked up the beautiful color called Permanent Blush which is a nude-pink (more on the pinky side) with a little bit of silver shimmer.

PicsArt_145260.590561 PicsArt_145353.3522040833


  • Extremely easy to apply – It has a doe foot applicator which provides a good amount of control, but I do have to wipe off some excess product on the top of the tube.
  • Texture – Even with the shimmer, there isn’t any grittiness to my lips and it applies somewhat evenly on my lips.
  • Color Pay Off – Great color pay off. It’s not too nude to the point where it looks like I have concealer on my lips. It pulls more on the pink side and is a good natural lip color. I don’t have any easy time pulling off pinky-nudes, but this one works great with my natural lip color.


  • Lip Balm is A MUST! – I was curious to see what this product was like on it’s own, before putting on any lip balm. Don’t do it. Without any lip balm on it, it’s extremely tacky and sticky.
  • Finish – At first it applies just like a lip gloss and looks like a highly pigmented lip gloss, but once you put the lip balm on top it ends up becoming a matte finish. Of course, when you put a lip balm on, it does add a little sheen to it.
  • Longevity – It’s difficult for me to really tell how long it lasts. I’ve used it about three times and I can’t really tell how long it lasts. I know for sure, that if you don’t reapply it throughout the day, it will wear off.
  • Wear & Tear On The Lips – Like most liquid lipsticks/lipstick stains, it does leave my lips dry. Even when I constantly apply lip balm, the color doesn’t really stay and I can see my natural lip color coming through.


I really like this. The actual lip color doesn’t really have a smell to it, it kind of has the typical lip product smell to them and the lip balm (#2) has a wonderful sweet scent to it. My sister says that it reminds her of my favorite lip balm, Soft Lips Vanilla. To me, it reminds me a lot of Lip Smackers Cotton Candy lip balm. I love the smell. It sits pretty comfortably on my lips and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy or slippery. I even put the lip balm on before I put the color on in order to moisturize and prep my lips. I would definitely be interested in purchasing more colors, but I’m extremely hesitant because it is relatively expensive (about $7-$10 each) and I’m not sure how the color will last, especially the brighter/bold colors.

If you’ve tried this product, let me know your thoughts about it down below or on Twitter!


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