[REVIEW] Hourglass Mineral Primer – Veil


A highly popular primer among YouTube beauty gurus, I definitely had to try it out. I was extremely curious if it’s worth the money and worth the hype. Instead of investing $52 for the full size, I picked up the travel size for $17-$18, which isn’t that bad. I’ve been using it for over a month and my baby sized primer has lasted me a while.


  • Find the right amount – The one thing I really liked about this product was how much control the pump dispensed out. I found that I don’t need a full pump of product, I use half a pump. If I were to use a full pump, it leaves my face feeling oily and slick. I have combo skin, so I had to find the right amount to use where it felt like it made a difference in how my makeup looked, but it didn’t leave me feeling like I clogged my pores or left me feeling extra oily.
  • Storage – For this particular product, you definitely need to keep this stored standing up. If you store it on the side and try to pump some out, it’ll come out watery.
  • Does it make a difference? – I honestly haven’t been able to tell whether this does make any difference in the way my makeup looks or the way my skin feels. I have noticed that my skin does look clearer than it did when I didn’t use any primer. I often get compliments at work from customers about my skin looking smooth and soft. I’ve also received some compliments from my family (which is very rare).
  • Light to the touch – When I blend this in, it’s extremely light on my skin and (when I use the right amount) it’s like my skin drinks it up while leaving a thin layer of protection between my skin and the foundation that I use. My skin can still breathe and it feels relatively natural.
  • Longevity – It does a decent job of keeping my oil under control, and after about 4-5 hours my oil slightly comes through. After 8 hours, I can feel the oil seeping through, but I don’t look like a big grease ball.



I think it’s a decent primer. I haven’t tried a primer that I’ve been absolutely in love with, but compared to the ones that I have tried, this is probably the second best primer. I love how it comes with a pump, but I don’t like how the actual product becomes watery when you keep it on the side. I probably wouldn’t pay the full price for this product because it does take a while to use up and it just seems like an okay primer to me.

Have you tried this primer? What are your thoughts on it?


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