[REVIEW] Maybelline – Fit ME! Matte + Poreless Foundation (230 – Natural Buff)

PicsArt_497187.26909675This has been a highly talked about product in the YouTube beauty community. It was exciting to see Maybelline work on their Fit ME! line. In all honesty I haven’t really tried any of Maybelline’s face products; I’ve only tried their pressed powder and their Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser (holy grail product for me). I was excited to give this a try, but I was extremely hesitant because a lot of matte foundations usually don’t look very good on me. Keep in mind that I have combo oily-dry skin and I use a sponge to apply the product.

My thoughts:

  • Coverage: I wasn’t surprised that this foundation provides medium to medium-heavy coverage. I usually apply one layer, if I have any excess I’ll dab it on to the areas that I need more coverage (on my cheeks and areas where I have most of my freckles).
  • Blendability: When I use my sponge (damp) it’s easy to move the product around at first. I poured this foundation into my empty L’Orèal True Match Lumi bottle because it has a pump which makes it easier for me to just put some on the back of my hand and dab the product on my face. At first, it’s easy to blend the product in, but as the layer starts to thin out, it becomes a little bit more difficult to blend in. Sometimes I do have to use my fingers to blend it into my skin and even out the tone. Something major that I noticed is that if I have any dry patches it’s impossible for me to evenly spread the product. It catches on the dry skin and causes it to look patchy or like little balls of foundation are forming. When I use this foundation I have to make sure I use a really good moisturizer and have that sink in for a little bit before applying the foundation.
  • Longevity: I like to think that it lasts the entire day. The only reason why I say that I would like to think that is because in different lights it looks like my foundation fades away, even if I didn’t touch my face throughout the day. When I look at the mirror at home, it looks the same as it did when I applied it that morning. Sometimes if I look in the mirrors in the bathrooms located on campus, it looks like it had faded a bit and my freckles seem to be peeking through a little more. In natural lighting though, it looks like it lasts all day, and I’m talking about a 10-12 hour day.
  • Finish: Like the bottle says, it’s a matte finish. There’s absolutely no shine in this. Does it live up to it’s poreless claim? Kind of. I mean I definitely see my skin more even, in terms of texture and my pores do seem to look smaller, but I’ve never had a problem of my pores being extremely visible. Most of the foundations I’ve tried do a decent job of not settling into my pores or emphasizing them.
  • Texture: Once I’m done applying the foundation I don’t feel like it has a sticky finish to it. It blends in really well and doesn’t feel like it’s adding a layer of stuff on my face. I’ve tried some foundations that feel a little too heavy and they never really blend into my skin, so it ends up feeling sticky or wet. However, this dries to a matte finish without it being tacky to the touch.
  • Color Range: The Fit ME! line has a decent color range. I noticed that with some of the beige shades, they seem really similar in color, but there are slight differences when it comes to the undertones. The next color up from this particular color has a lot more of a yellow undertone to it and the color underneath this had a lot more of a pinky undertone to it. This was the middle man and has an even blend of yellow without too much pink. It’s very difficult to tell which color you are by looking at the bottle, so even though most of you are probably gonna hate it, you might actually have to open up a bottle to see which color you are. Just look for a bottle that has already been open so you won’t feel as guilty testing out the color.
  • Packaging: Ugh, let’s talk about how much I hate foundations that don’t come with a pump. I like when foundations come with a pump because it makes it easier for me to get the product out and see how much I have left. If the product has a pump, I keep it standing so that way the product left on the sides settles and I can see how much I have left.


It’s an okay foundation. If you have dry patches and you want to use this, I suggest finding a good moisturizer and spot moisturizing to get an even application. I haven’t tried applying this with a brush or my fingers and I honestly wouldn’t because if I do have any dry patches, I don’t want them to be emphasized since I’m literally rubbing my face and the brush bristles could raise up dry areas and not disperse the product easily.

When my skin is moisturized I really like this foundation because I feel like my oil stays under control and I can add highlighter to my face without worrying about me looking too greasy at the end of the day.


3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Maybelline – Fit ME! Matte + Poreless Foundation (230 – Natural Buff)

  1. Omg I love this foundation! Out of all the new drugstore ones I have tried so far, I can’t seem to stop reaching for this one! I love your review too it’s really extensive. Sad, that you don’ love it, but amazing review nonetheless c:


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