[REVIEW] Maybelline – Lash Sensational (WP)

First off, before I say anything about this product, can we talk about how cute the actual tube is? I love the color! It’s so cute, adorable, and elegant. Now that I’m done let’s jump into the review.

When it comes to drug store mascaras, I always go for Maybelline. They have a great variety without being expensive (more than $10). My old trusty mascara from Maybelline was their The Falsies-Flared (WP), and I loved how it was a drier formula and the curve of the brush made coating each and every last easy. However, I think I may have found a new best friend.


The Breakdown:

  • Applicator/Application: When it comes to the type of bristles/wands I like for mascaras, I tend to like the actual bristles/brush style applicators. The all plastic wands can be very harsh on my lash line and it sometimes feels as if it’s poking/irritating my lash line, so I’m not able to give my lashes a full coat of mascara. However, this mascara comes with a plastic wand and surprisingly it doesn’t irritate my lash line and it doesn’t feel like it’s poking/irritating my lash line. The curve of the brush allows you to coat every lash and the rounded edge allows you to add some volume to your lashes and boost them up. The formula glides on to your lashes without a lot of clumping.
  • PicsArt_710270.7943300834
  • Formula: With my lashes and watery eyes, it’s very difficult to work with watery/wet mascaras and non-waterproof mascaras. This is a drier formula compared to some of the other options available at the drug store, but it’s not as dry as the Maybelline The Falsies – Flared. The Falsies Flared is one of the drier formulas and it’s very similar to Lancôme’s Dolly Lash (or Doll Lashes, I forgot the name). This particular formula is just a little more wet, but it doesn’t really transfer unless you really blink (like, if you sneeze right after applying it).
  • The effect: I have sparse, medium length lashes that can’t really hold a curl. With one coat, I’ve separated and defined my lashes, so they look a lot darker than without it. With two coats, I’ve added a little more volume and I bumped them up. In other words, near the base of my lashes the formula is concentrated so it makes my lashes look a little fuller, but towards the tips of my lashes it’s separated and I don’t notice a lot of clumps. When I use the rounded side, I’m able to take away some of the clumps and separate them more.
  • Longevity: I tend to have pretty long days and this does a pretty decent job keeping up with me. I honestly haven’t found a mascara that can hold a curl for my entire day, but this by no means leaves my lashes looking flat. At the end of a 10+ hour day I still have a slight curl to my lashes, but they’re not as curled/pushed up as they are when I first apply it.
  • THE STOPPER/TUBE!: Here’s where my biggest gripe with the actual product. The stopper (the thing that wipes of any excess product) does a bad job at taking off the excess product. When it’s brand new, out of the package, I had no problem with excess product being on the bristles, but the more I used it, the more excess product collects on the bristle. So basically I have to wipe it off on the top of the tube, which leaves the opening of the tube quite messy and when I try to wipe of the excess I actually end up getting more product on the applicator (the struggle can be real).

So, my final verdict? I love the formula so much that I’m willing to put up with the stopper problem. The stopper problem actually forces me to buy a new tube when the mascara dries up/begins to run out – I’m usually too lazy to go out and buy new mascara so I put up with using old clumpy mascara (gross, sad, and disturbing, I know).  I think this may be one of the first plastic bristled applicator that I really like and I’m comfortable using. I’ve already bought a second tube and I’m still loving it, and I’ve got my mom to really like it to. Maybelline has scored with me again.

Have you tried any new mascaras lately? What has been your favorite mascara for the month of February?


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