[FIRST IMPRESSION] e.l.f. – Snow & Ice (Elsa) Beauty Beauty Book

If you watched my semi-big collective haul, you’ll know that this palette was another palette that I was excited about. I’ve tried it twice, and I’ve played around with all of the colors. Before I go further into this first impression let me state that I mainly purchased this palette because it’s Disney and it’s based off of Frozen. 

PicsArt_450447.3641992084If you didn’t know, e.l.f. has been coming out with Disney Princess inspired book palettes/collections, from what I remember, they came out with Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), and Elsa (Frozen). These are exclusively sold at Walgreens and if you want to know when the next collection or the next Princess themed things are coming out, then you can follow e.l.f. on their social media accounts.

Colors/finish: There’s a good mix of dark berry colors and neutral/classic colors. All of the colors are either shimmery, look like the have a lot of glitter, or has just a pearlescent finish to them. There is only one matte color, which is the purple color. I’ll start describing the colors

  • Kristoff: A shimmery light brown/tan with small-medium golden shimmer.
  • Sven: A shimmery light peach, with fine gold shimmers
  • Anna: Berry/plum (not a deep berry color), with fine golden shimmer
  • Hans: Darker/richer matte brown (base) with medium sized shimmer
  • Olaf: Pure white with a blue toned shimmer – when blended, there’s a slight light blue duo-chrome. Can be a bit too frosty for darker skin tones.
  • Arendelle: A deep pomegranate color with golden shimmer and blue duo-chrome. Very unique in my opinion and when you blend it out, the blue duo-chrome is more noticeable.
  • Elsa: Matte eggplant-purple.
  • Marshmallow: Matte black with chunks of multi-colored glitters.


  • Snow Queen (Highlighter): A peachy/pink – almost champagne highlighter, with a silver overlay (snowflake w/ an E). Can be a little chalky.
  • Starry Night/Frozen Heart: Typical black eyeliner, although Starry Night is supposed to have some glitter in it, but it doesn’t show up when applied.
  • Royal Pursuit: A bright, blue-toned pink lipgloss.

Pigmentation/Blending: If you’ve used e.l.f. before, especially their palettes, you’ll know that they tend to have a difficult time when it comes to creating pigmented jewel toned or complex dark colors. Complex dark colors are colors that have a dark base, but there’s something added like glitter, duo-chrome, or shimmer. I’ve also noticed that they have a difficult time when it comes to matte jewel tone colors. I don’t know why, but they just have these issues. I was surprised that when I swatched Anna and Arendelle, they were decently pigmented. I did notice that it took a little while to really get Anna to show up on my skin, and when I tried to blend Anna, it was a little difficult. I really had to work with it, use a bunch of brushes, and my fingers to try and blend it out.

When it comes to the highlighter, it showed up on my skin decently, but to be honest it wasn’t anything memorable. It was very powdery and there was a lot of fall-out. Also, when I tried to tap off the excess, I would lose all the product that I had put on my brush. I am however, extremely impressed with the way the lip gloss/lip color performed. It’s extremely pigmented and I was extremely hesitant to use it because the other lip colors that I tried (came with the sleeping beauty palette) was extremely tacky and drying. Royal Pursuit is a comfortable lip product and isn’t tacky, in my opinion. It also has a light coconut scent to it, so I think they might’ve added coconut oil or something to make it more moisturizing.


I don’t notice anything spectacular and stand out about the wear time of any of these colors. I didn’t notice any creasing, but I did notice that Anna is a color that can get easily lost in a look. I had to reapply it a couple of times to make sure it was noticeable.


Anna was pretty patchy when I applied it with a brush, so I had to apply it with my fingers to try and get an even application. Even when I applied it with my fingers, I noticed that there were areas where the color just wouldn’t grab. The colors with bigger chunks of shimmer didn’t really apply that way, but still had a pearlescent finish to them. Marshmallow has to be one of the more disappointing colors. To be honest, when companies come out with these black colors with multi-colored glitter in it, it’s just a waste. I’ve never seen a that type of color apply true to what you see in the pan, and this is no exception. When applied, it applies like a less-pigmented matte black. After I swatched Marshmallow, it looked like the multi-colored glitter was only on top and it doesn’t go through the entire eyeshadow.

Color Combo:

I honestly love the thought process that went into this book. Immediately when I saw the palette I saw and Elsa inspired look and an Anna inspired look. I’m not sure exactly how they figured out what to name each color, but I love the fact they took a lot of familiar names and incorporated into the palette. The three purples (Elsa, Arendelle, and Anna) work really well together, but you do need to be careful when it comes to using these colors because they can become muddy looking if blended out too much.


I honestly don’t see a need for people to go out and get this palette unless you’re a Disney lover or Frozen lover. I simply picked this up simply because I thought it was adorable and cute and I want to collect these book/palette things that e.l.f. has been coming out with. If you’re looking for a serious palette that has pigmented/rich colors, this is not it honey, so keep looking. If you just enjoy collecting these cute types of palettes then I think this is one to add to the collection.

Have you tried out this palette? What new drug store palette have you tried out? I’m really interested in the L’Orèal one, but at $15-$17, I’m not sure if I want to invest that into a drug store palette.


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