[FIRST IMPRESSION] Wet n Wild – California Roll Palette

Another first impression?! Why, yes! I”m really excited to be getting this up for you guys, and I’m hoping that you’ll still be able to find this at the drug store. I found this on a special display, and as you can tell it’s in a white plastic palette, not the typical black palette we’re used to seeing anyhow continue reading for more!

In the packaging, the colors look amazing. I’m not sure exactly how they thought to put these 2 family colors together, but it’s extremely eye catching and different. I picked this one instead of any of the others because it stood out the most and I knew that I could really work with these colors.


Price: I bought mine for $3 (plus tax) from my local Walgreens. It’s a little more than I thought it was going to be. If you didn’t know, Wet n Wild has pretty affordable eyeshadows with really good pigmentation, and majority of the time, I would expect to pay at least $5-$8 for the quality of them, but they’re relatively inexpensive.

Colors/Finishes: As you can tell from the picture, the colors look absolutely amazing. I haven’t really seen any colors like these at the drug store, especially that green side. I’ve seen darker/richer greens, but nothing really this bright.


As far as the finishes are concerned, there are only 2 matte colors, and they’re both on the orange/peach side. There are 2 pearlescent shades; the first is the top left, which is a cream color with a blue/champagne pearlescent finish. The other is the bottom sea-foam green and has a light green/gold pearlescent finish to it. Last, but definitely not least are the 2 colors with a more chunkier gold shimmer in it. The top right peach has the most noticeable golden shimmer, while the lime green has a less noticeable golden shimmer (when applied).

Pigmentation: I’m not extremely impressed with any of the colored shadows, but I am pretty impressed with the pigmentation of the light peach with golden shimmer. I have a medium skin tone and in order to get any of the colored shadows to show up, I need to put a white base underneath (I use NYX jumbo e/s pencil in Milk). Even with that, I can’t really get the middle medium tone peach to show up. It kind of just fades into my skin. The burnt orange/red blends out rather nicely, but it does take a couple of layers to really get it to show up. I haven’t tried putting it on top of a colored base.

On the green side, the bottom sea-foam green show up pretty decently on top a white base, but I really need to use my ring finger to pack on the product. With the lime green I again have to use my ring finger to pack on the color, but when I wear it, I get the most compliments. It’s a unique color that I’ve added to my collection, and I’m honestly surprised that it doesn’t show up chalky. I’m just bummed that the gold shimmer chunks don’t really show up/stay.

Application/Longevity: Like most colorful eyeshadows, I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t really show up when I tried to use a brush. I had to go in with my ring finger and really pick up the color in order to have it really show up on my lids. If I used one of the other colors in the palette to blend, it applied decent, but it would still be a somewhat sheer application, which I didn’t really mind. I did notice that with the light peach shade, the chunkier shimmer did cause some fallout, but nothing too crazy. I haven’t really had a problem with the shadows not lasting, only the mid-tone peach. I noticed at the end of an 8+ hour day, it wasn’t as pigmented/noticeable.

First Impression:

I think this is a fun addition to someone’s makeup collection, if they’re new to playing with color. It’s not too pigmented where you’ll have to worry about really needing to blend it out, and the colors aren’t too crazy. If you’re looking for something that’s really saturated in color, then this isn’t the palette for you. Overall, I like it, but I’m not over the top impressed with it. I was looking to add some color into my collection and this is a pretty good start. What I’m kind of noticing is that these colors, and a lot of the other colors that I’ve been trying out, would probably show up more on either lighter skin tones or darker skin tones. On mine, they just don’t seem to show up as pigmented or saturated in color.

Have you tried this out? Or any of the other Wet n Wild palettes that came out in this collection? What are your thoughts on it?


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