[REVIEW] Covergirl Lip Lava – Lychee Lava

This particular line from Covergirl has been out for about three months and I must say it’s been a pretty big hit. When I walk through the makeup isles, I usually see maybe 3 tubes left of the deep purple color and that’s about it. It’s hard to pass up the product, especially since they stand out from a lot of the other lip glosses in the store. 

Let’s jump right into the review!



“Bolder than balm, glassier than a gloss, more lustrous than a lipstick. The hybrid formula of new Colorlicious Lip Lava combines highly pigmented shades with iridescent pearls for saturated lip color with the high shine of lacquer. Now you can get a lip look overflowing with color, shine, shimmer and glimmer with just one product – Totally #hotstuff!


Overall Impression:

This color is absolutely beautiful. I love using this on it’s own and I love to top off any of my pinkier colors with this one. There’s a beautiful shimmery iridescence to it that gives it a semi-intense pearlescent look, but it’s not too overpowering. There are small chunks of silver/magenta glitter in it and I love the fact that it doesn’t give the lip gloss a gritty/chunky feeling on the lips.

The formula itself is a tad bit tacky. I’ve often heard it being very similar to a MAC lipglass, however, I don’t find it to be too bothersome. I also love how this doesn’t dry out my lips. I can wear this comfortably for hours, and even when I eat, some bits of glitter are left behind. The wear time is extremely decent for a lip gloss and it’s nice that some glitter is left behind on my lips because it feels like it adds something. The gloss itself is pretty opaque, but with a color like this it just enhances my natural lip color when I wear it on its own. I also use it to warm up some of my cooler tone lipsticks or add a little shine and moisture to some of my lip balm stains.

I actually really like the overall idea of these lip glosses. They’re so unique/different (in my opinion) from anything that I’ve seen at the drug store. If you’re just getting into makeup and you’re looking for something that’s easy to use with a decent amount of pigmentation and high gloss this is the product for you. It’s also decently affordable at $8-$9, which is on the lower-end of lip gloss prices.

However, there is one major negative for me. I don’t like the brush tip applicator. It doesn’t do that great of a job of putting an even amount of product on and it’s a little difficult to maneuver around the edges of my lips. It’d be nice if there was a different applicator, but I enjoy using this product so much, I can over look the applicator issue.

Have you tried out these lip glosses? What do you think about them and which one is your favorite color?


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