[PASS OR MUST HAVE] L’Orèal – La Palette 1 & 2

I’m sure we’ve all passed that little display in the makeup isle showing L’Orèal’s new palettes. There’s a neutral brown/gold (La Palette 1) and a plum/purple (La Palette 2). We’re all used to the quads, trios, and duos from drug store brand, and Wet n Wild was one of the first brands to offer an actual palette. So from then to now, is this palette really worth it?

I debated long and hard whether I should pick up the palette(s) or pass. At $15 (at Walmart) a piece, that’s pretty pricey for the drug store, and I’d be paying for half of a higher end palette and I wouldn’t have to worry about quality or pigmentation since I could test it in store. During my past 4 trips to Walmart, I picked up both palettes and walked around the store with it, but every time I was about to check out, I’d put them down. Here’s why:

  • Price: Again, at $15 a piece, I really didn’t see the point in investing in another neutral palette. To be honest, I’m a little tired of the same neutral palettes. If I’m going to spend $15 at the drug store on a palette, I want it to be unique. I want there to be unique/complex shades.
  • Uniqueness: From the first point, we come to this point. There really isn’t anything about these palettes that were unique enough for me to want to go out of my way to purchase them. The only reason I was considering it, is because I would want to review it for this blog. However, I’ve seen how some L’Orèal eyeshadows have performed and every single time I saw them being used, there was nothing extraordinary about them.
  • Shade Tones: Looking at the colors in store, through the packaging, I could tell that each palette either pools cool (La Palette 2) or warm (La Palette 1). I would’ve liked there to be a variety of different tones within both palettes. If each palette had different colors that complimented different undertones, then it would be more appealing.


There’s nothing too exciting for me about the palettes. What did interest me was the weight of the palette. It’s extremely durable and is heavy for its size. However, there was nothing unique enough about the palette for me to want to invest in it. Though I would’ve loved to review it for this blog, I would want to invest in something that I know I would actually use. For me this is a pass product. I think I’d rather save up the money and invest in a higher end palette that has unique colors.

Do you have this palette? If so, what do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below! Especially if you think that this is a must-have palette!!


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