[REVIEW] Hard Candy – Lip Plumping Serum L/S – Desired (854)

If you haven’t been to Walmart lately, you probably are out of the loop on the new products that Hard Candy has come out with. Their line now includes a variety of lipsticks, a foundation, primers, and a couple new eye palettes. I definitely didn’t want to jump in and pick up a bunch of new products, but I did want to try something. The Lip Plumping Serum lipstick line intrigued me and I went with a color that was a little brighter than my usual mauve, but stayed in the mauve family.

Desired_2 Desired_3 Desired_1

The Claim:

Saturate lips with vibrant, pure color in just one stroke. A high gloss gel base infused with lightweight mango butter allows for superior comfort and shine with lasting hydration. Contains a unique antioxidant “Colorfast System” that keeps color vibrant, truer, and statement worthy. Formulated with Hard Candy’s exclusive Plumping Serum System that delivers hyaluronic acid and plumps the skin to quickly minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle while adding hydrating volume. – Hard Candy Website


The Result:

  • Vibrant, Pure Color?: Yes, this particular color was surprisingly opaque when I applied it, however, I do find myself having to go over it with my fingers to give an even application
  • Lasting Hydration w/ Shine?: Yes and no. It is very hydrating and non-irritating to my lips, but I don’t notice a lot of shine with it, even if I don’t use my fingers to blend it out. The finish is actually a typical finish that you would get from any other normal formula lipstick. The hydration factor lasts for a long time, in fact after 5 hours of wear (without eating or drinking) it still feels very comfortable on the lips.
  • Plumper/line minimizer/wrinkle minimizer?: No. I have naturally bigger lips and I don’t use any of those lip plumping things, so I thought that I would definitely be able to see if there is a difference and honestly nothing happens and I don’t see any difference. I do sometimes see the color setting into some of my fine lines on my lips, but it’s nothing extreme.

Desired_6 Desired_7


If you’re looking for an affordable lipstick, this is it. It was a little more than $5 (w/ tax) and it’s a real comfortable formula on the lips. I like the color because it’s still in my comfort zone, in terms of color family, but there’s a vibrancy to it that makes it different from any other mauve lipstick I own. I like the fact that at the top of the tube, the color is extremely similar to the actual lipstick and there really isn’t an overwhelming scent to the lipstick either.

Have you guys tried out this product or any other color? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!


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