[FIRST IMPRESSION] elf – Lip Exfoliator

Living in the desert I’m always suffering some type of dryness. I have dry skin, dry hair, dry lips, and dry eyes. However, my lips tend to suffer more than anything and because I use so much lip balm, my lips peel a lot and get dried out easily. I saw rave reviews about this product online and when I saw it at Target I was excited to pick it up – I literally felt my heart skip a beat. Here are my thoughts so far…

Lip Exfoliator_2


  • Affordable: at only $3 (and change) it’s an extremely affordable option and it’s great that it’s semi-conveniently available. The lip scrubs that I’ve heard of are only available at Lush or Sephora, so it’s nice that I’m able to go to Target and get this.
  • Pretty effective: I noticed that it does a pretty good job at taking off the first layer of dry skin and it moisturizes the raw areas.
  • Convenience: I noticed that a lot of the lip scrubs on the market come in a tub form; you use your finger to scoop some product out and then start scrubbing your lips. I love the fact that this comes in a tube form because it’s easier to manage and keeps everything clean.
  • Abrasiveness: I like being able to feel the little bits of sugar really working away at my dry skin and I don’t find it to be overly abrasive which is good. My lips can be sensitive, but because it’s in a tube, I have control over how much pressure I apply.


  • Taste: There’s something about the taste that makes me feel sick. I usually don’t have a problem with sweet things, but this tastes like a mixture of coconut oil and sugar. This combination does not taste good and is a huge factor contributing to why I don’t use it often.
  • Strong, but not strong enough: When it comes to the more stubborn dry skin, it’s not strong enough to work it off. If I try to go over those stubborn areas, it can’t scrub it off and I end up actually making those areas bleed.


I think it’s a great product, especially for $3. Though it’s a good buy, I really can’t use it because of the taste it leaves on my lips. Even after rinsing my lips with water I can still taste the residual oils. I’m going to test it out a couple more times and then I’ll post an overall review.

Have you tried out this product? What do you think of it? If you have another (affordable) option for a lip scrub/exfoliator, let me know down below!!


5 thoughts on “[FIRST IMPRESSION] elf – Lip Exfoliator

  1. I love this stuff! I actually really like the taste lol but not too much of it I guess. I have to wipe my lips after lol. it does really help with exfoliating though 🙂

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  2. I’d honestly love to try this out! I’ve really been into coconut lately and my lips get super dry, too, despite me not living in the desert. I recommend the lip scrubs by Lush, I love those despite the taste of them. 🎀


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