[FIRST IMPRESSION] Maybelline – BB Bronze – Light/Medium

Not going to lie, I wasn’t really planning to look into the product because I never really heard good things about Maybelline’s BB Cream line. However, every time I went to Walmart this kept catching my eye, so I said why not. 

Maybelline - Bronze BB - 1

I’ve been testing it out for 2 weeks, and I honestly haven’t worn it on it’s own. I mix it in with other foundations, and sometimes, I put it on the areas the sun would naturally hit, and then put my regular foundation on top.


  • Adds a nice tan look – it’s not too over the top and it doesn’t give off an orange hue. When I wear it underneath my regular foundation it gives a bit of warmth and I can layer over bronzer without looking too orange. When I mix it in with other foundations, it gives my face an overall tanner look.
  • Fine shimmer – the fine shimmer in it adds that slight glow (when mixed in), but when worn underneath a foundation, it’s not really noticeable. If you’re extremely oily, then I say be wary about wearing this on it’s own.
  • Blendability – super easy to blend and it doesn’t leave any weird lines. Whether it’s using a sponge or a brush, it blends in and doesn’t leave any streaks and it provides a light coverage.
  • Squeezy Bottle – the bottle makes it pretty easy to dispense the right amount of product and it’s extremely compact, so it’s easy to travel with.


  • Color range – there are only 2 options for this particular line. Either light/medium or medium/deep. This makes it extremely difficult to figure out what shade would work for you, especially if you have a difficult time finding colors that work for you in the drug store.
  • Worth the extra step? – I honestly don’t know how I feel about adding an extra step into my morning routine. It’s fine when I’m just getting ready whenever, but in the mornings, I usually choose sleeping in over getting ready.

So far…

I think it’s okay. I really like how it adds an extra umph to my overall look. In other words, I feel like it makes any foundation look more skin-like. If you’re not into the natural look, then I think this could work as a liquid bronzer (not contour). If you were to use these as contours, I think it would come out looking too orange. The shimmers in it would give a good summer glow, especially if you’re just relaxing pool side. Like I said, I haven’t gotten the courage to wear it on it’s own, but we’ll see if I do for my overall review.

Have you tried out this product? What do you think of it?


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