[REVIEW] Essence – Metal Glam – Frosted Apple (03)

Although Essence isn’t easily found in the drug store, it is an affordable brand and it’s available on the drugstore side of Ulta. I actually ended up picking up four of these, and I decided to do reviews on the more “everyday” colors first, and this is the first of it. The thing that caught my eye was how shimmery the colors looked in the pan.

Metal Glam - Frosted Apple - 1

The Claim:

Metal meets glam! This soft textured eye shadow is color rich, buildable and highly pigmented with a shimmery finish to create a bold and vibrant look. Available in eight glamorous shades. – Essence Cosmetics

The Result:

Metal Glam - Frosted Apple - 3

  • Texture: Overall it’s not that soft to the touch as you would think. It’s not as buttery as a lot of eyeshadows out there, but it’s definitely not the driest. There’s a top layer of glitter, and if you use the product as is, it’s a pretty gritty layer. Once you get through the first layer the product underneath feels like a typical eyeshadow.

Metal Glam - Frosted Apple - 2

  • Build-able?: I would have to say it’s somewhat build-able. The best way to get the most out of the shadow would be to apply it using your ring finger. Using a brush helps a little, but it leaves a lot of fallout. However, you’re not going to get a real concentrated color – on my skin tone it’s a pretty neutral color and it shows up like a champagne-pink. The only way I can get it to show up close to what it looks like in the pan is by using a white base, but even then, I can only build it up so much.

Metal Glam - Frosted Apple - 4

  • Pigmentation: I think the pigmentation is pretty decent. It’s not completely opaque, but again, it’s not the most opaque product out there. With that being said, I think it’s great for an easy/workable wash of color. It’s not so pigmented where it looks like overkill and it’s difficult to blend, and it’s not so sheer that it does nothing.

Metal Glam - Frosted Apple - 5

  • Shimmery Finish?: It’s a highly shimmery product and the glitter layer is extremely deceiving (in terms of what you’re getting). In some lighting it looks full-on shimmery, but sometimes it looks like it’s just a regular eyeshadow with little bits of glitter in it.


I’m on the fence about how I truly feel about this. I think this is a fun eyeshadow for Summer and it adds a great va-va-voom to a simple neutral look. The color is a mix of champagne with lighter pink tones in it and looks great on any skin tone, but how it shows up on other’s skin tone will most likely vary since shimmer/glitter usually shifts how an eyeshadow shows up. The longevity is okay, it’s nothing spectacular – with a base it can last about 5-7 hours with full pigmentation and after that it fades a bit, but the shimmer/glitter remains. At $2.99 I don’t really see it as a huge investment, so if you’re looking for just a fun Summer shade or something shimmery to have in your collection this is probably right up your alley.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments!


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