[FIRST IMPRESSION] Maybelline – SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

It’s been a hot-minute since I posted anything on this blog! I’m so sorry, but I’ve been exhausted from work, but don’t worry, I’ve picked up a couple of products and you’ll be seeing either first impressions or reviews on them in the coming weeks. Anyhow, for this post, you obviously want to know my thoughts on Maybelline’s newest edition to their line, so let’s jump right in.

I’m not going to go too in depth with what this foundation should do because I’m going to save it for my final review on it, but I will be sharing the pros and cons I’ve experienced with it. 



  • Packaging: First off, who doesn’t love a pump with their foundation?! I love the fact that this particular pump is really easy to control and it doesn’t take a while to wear it in. Sometimes foundations come with pumps that make it difficult to control the amount of product that comes out and sometimes the pump takes a while to wear in, but this worked perfectly from the start for me. 
  • Longevity: With a setting powder I can easily get about 12 hours of wear and I don’t really notice the product breaking down. Keep in mind that I never wear foundation on it’s own, so to me, it makes no sense for me to review a foundation without setting it. 
  • Wear: What surprised me about this product was how lightweight it feels on my skin and how easily it blends. It’s so lightweight that I sometimes forget that I have it on and I accidentally start rubbing my face. The finish to it is pretty matte for the most part, but it’s not so matte that it doesn’t look like your natural skin. 
  • Color Match: For me this color match is perfect. I would say if you’re extremely pale or extremely dark you might have a difficult time finding a match. When it comes to foundations, I’m pretty lucky for the most part because I can usually find a match that doesn’t pull too pink or orange on me. I also like the fact that this doesn’t oxidize to a weird color. 
  • Texture: When I pump this foundation out, it does seem a little thicker than all the other liquid foundations that I’ve tried. It’s smooth and lightweight to the touch and even when applied it’s extremely smooth. 


  • Color Range: I noticed in the store that there wasn’t a lot of different color options and it didn’t look like there were a lot of options in terms of undertones either. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I think that majority of the shades are a neutral undertone. 
  • Coverage: For the most part, I can get a medium coverage and it doesn’t take too much product to do it. I normally use 1.5 pumps and I have enough product to go over my face twice. With one pump I get a light-medium layer. I don’t really think this is a foundation you’d want to build up to a full coverage because I think it may end up looking to cake-facey. However, if you like a light coverage or you want to transition into a medium coverage, this seems to be a good option for you. 


I’m on the fence about whether it’s really worth the price ($9-$12). It’s a little bit pricier than some of Maybelline’s other foundations, but this is definitely a go-to foundation for me. I love the weightless it feels on my skin and it feels like my skin can actually breathe. I also love the fact that it’s a matte finish, but it’s not too matte to the point where it emphasizes my dry spots. It holds up for a long time and I don’t notice my oily areas becoming out of control throughout the day. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think of this foundation down below in the comments!


3 thoughts on “[FIRST IMPRESSION] Maybelline – SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

    1. Without a primer, I don’t find it sinking into any of my fine lines and it didn’t oxidize to a darker color either. If you do try it, I suggest using a primer underneath, one that’s supposed to minimize the looks of pores. That way you’ll have less of a chance of it sinking into fine lines and you have some type of barrier to protect your skin :]


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