[FIRST IMPRESSION] L’Oreal – True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator (ROSE)

I was stoked to see that a drug store makeup company came out with highlighting products. As we all know, highlighting and contouring has been huge for the past year, if not two years, and I think it’s about time a drug store brand really jumped on the bandwagon. I have seen some blushes that could pass for highlighters, but not something meant specifically for highlighting. L’Oreal’s Lumi Foundation is one of my favorite drug store foundations so I definitely trusted them to come out with something that would be natural, but luminescent. Lumi Highlighter 1

I went to my local Target to find this one and there were two other colors (Golden and Ice). Obviously, Golden has the warmer tones and Ice has the cooler tones. Rose is the in between with neutral pinks and taupes.


  • Not overpowering: I use a small fluffy brush (not dense at all, more on the flimsy side) to apply this as a highlighter and I like how it adds a light luminous glow. It’s something that looks natural and I don’t notice any huge chunks of glitter.
  • Longevity: This melds in perfectly with my skin throughout the day and after 12 hours of wear, it looks just as luminescent, but more natural. When I first put it on, it’s pretty sheer and you can see a bit of a difference, but once my own oils are able to mix with it, it looks natural and radiant.
  • Easy to use: It was extremely easy to add this into my morning makeup routine and I definitely enjoy reaching for it. I feel like it adds just a little extra to my overall look and wakes me up.
  • Affordable-ish: At about $9-$10 each, it’s a somewhat affordable product, but I still think it’s a little much for it. I feel like I could find a lighter blush that’s a little cheaper, but could do just as good as a job. However, you should keep in mind that this is L’Oreal and it is on the higher-end when it comes to drug store brand.

Lumi Highlighter 3


  • Pigmentation: Each of these “illuminators” have 4 different colors, but when I mix these colors together, I don’t feel like they do anything to change the tone of the look. For example, if I were to only use the main color on the left, I feel like it’s no different than using all of them swirled together. Which leads me to wonder if the Golden one would be the opposite since the colors in there are so different from each other.
  • Close-Up: If you look extremely close, you can see little specks of glitter when it’s on your face, but you need to look extremely close to see it. The only reason why this is a con for me is because I feel like some of it might settle into my pores and on a really hot day and if it does that, it’ll look like random pieces of glitter is on my face.
  • Price: I’m not too crazy about the price, especially since I don’t really notice a pink-ish hue to the “illuminator.” I feel like it’s okay, but for one of the first drug store highlighters I’ve tried, it’s okay. Is it worth the $9-$10? In my honest opinion, not really. I would’ve wanted something different, a product milled a little finer than this one and instead of multi-colors sectioned off I think it would’ve been better if it was just one product.


I like it, but I don’t love it. It’s like that new guy that shows up to class and he’s cute and different from the other guys you’re used to, but then you get used to him and he’s just like every other guy you know. If you have other highlighters, like high-end highlighters, that you really enjoy, then you definitely don’t need to add this to your collection. However, I think if you’re just starting out with highlighters then this may be a good option for you; mainly because you can easily sheer it out. If you are new to highlighters and decide to pick this up, I highly suggest using a flimsy blush brush to apply it. I think if you use a really dense brush then you’ll end up putting way too much on and you’d have a difficult time buffing it out.

Hope you guys enjoyed this first impression!! Have you tried out this product? What do you think of it so far? In the comments below, let me know what you think about it and if there are any drug store products I should try out!! I’m currently on the hunt of NYX’s Suede lippies 😀


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