[REVIEW] Maybelline – SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

When I posted my first impression of this particular foundation, you know that I absolutely loved how weightless it felt on my skin and the longevity of it. So after a month of testing it I have my final thoughts.

IMG_0291The Claim:

Longwear foundation that improves skin’s appearance every minute you’re in it.

With the antioxidant power of Actyl-C, a more durable form of vitamin C.

For all skin types. Medium to full coverage.


The Results:

  • Longwear?: With my particular routine, this foundation is definitely longwearing. Most days I wear my foundation for about 10-12 hours (sometimes longer) and everything holds up. I can still see my blush, bronzer, and highlight. However, I did notice that around my oiliest area (around my nose) the product does “disappear” and if I look closely enough I see my freckles and it almost looks like bare skin.
  • Skin improvement?: To be honest, I haven’t seen any improvement in my skin’s appearance. I’ve kept my skin care routine the same and I haven’t seen any improvement, not even the slightest. So, I’m not too sure what I was supposed to expect, but it does make my skin look healthy when it’s on.
  • Coverage: I wouldn’t say it’s full coverage, I would actually say it’s light to medium coverage mainly because I go over some of my problem areas with a second layer and I can still see my freckles and red spots. However, it does provide excellent light-medium coverage. If you don’t like the heavy feeling of most foundations, but want something with more coverage than a BB cream, then this is up your alley.

Better Skin_2_Fotor

Final Thoughts:

  • Great lightweight, light-medium coverage foundation. I think this would be great for someone who is wanting something lighter than a typical foundation or someone who wants something with a little more coverage than a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.
  • I haven’t noticed it settling in any of the fine lines that I have (under my eyes). I do notice it disappearing around my oiliest area which is around my nose. So if you’re extremely oily, you may have some problems with the longevity of it.
  • If you are oily, I do suggest wearing a primer underneath to help with the longevity. I would opt for a primer that is oil controlling and pore perfecting. It’ll take a little longer for your oils to breakdown the foundation when you use a primer.
  • I really like how it’s not a full-on matte foundation. It’s a semi matte foundation and I feel like it works with my skin’s chemistry to provide a my skin but better look.
  • The shade range is decent, but not extensive.
  • Packaging is on point. I love how easily I can control the amount of product that comes out. 1 1/2 pumps is more than enough for my whole face and a second layer on my cheeks (cover freckles).
  • Better Skin_3
  • Be wary if you have sensitive skin. My skin isn’t that sensitive, but I have noticed some breakouts around my forehead and chin. I wasn’t concerned about it when I saw breakouts on my chin because I thought it was from hormones, but when I started breaking out around my forehead, I was a little concerned. I never breakout on my forehead and when I did, I had to think about what I was doing differently, and this was the only new thing that I incorporated into my routine.

If you’ve tried out this particular foundation, let me know what you think about it and if you think your skin had any improvements!!


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