[REVIEW] Maybelline – Dream Bronze BB – Light/Medium

I’m not too sure how long ago I had posted my original first impression, but I know for sure it was a while ago. Now that Summer is slowly coming to an end, we don’t want to lose that summer glow. My original first impression, I stated that I loved adding this to foundations to give a little life to what can be a flat foundation. So what are my final thoughts?

Maybelline - Bronze BB - 2
Maybelline - Bronze BB - 3

The Claim:

BB cream with 8 great skin benefits for a sunkissed glow with a good skin twist.

For all skin types. Sheer coverage.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 8-in-1 sunkissed glow perfector.
  • Illuminates skin
  • Warms skin tone
  • Evens
  • Veils imperfections
  • Protects with SPF 25
  • Hydrates thirsty skin
  • Refreshes
  • Smooths


Maybelline - Bronze BB - 4

The Results:

  • Coverage/Finish: This definitely has a sheer coverage. On it’s own, I don’t notice it evening my skintone, veiling imperfections, or smoothing my skin. It does feel a little hydrating and it’s nice that it doesn’t make my dry patches more noticeable. It gives off an illuminating glow due to the amount of shimmer that’s in the actual product. I really don’t care for the harsh bronze look I get when I use it on it’s own – to me it looks fake and note cute.
  • Wear: On it’s own, it doesn’t really last long if you’re doing extraneous activities or outdoors for long. It can breakdown pretty easily and if you tend to blot oil off of your face, then you’ll notice less coverage. When mixed into a foundation or even placed underneath a foundation, it lasts for as long as the foundation does. The shimmer does wear off and transfer onto other surfaces or people (if you hug or snuggle with someone).
  • The Look: I really don’t care for this on it’s own. Like I said above, I don’t care for the way it shows on my skin. I find it a little difficult to evenly apply it. I find that some places look darker, but when I try to even it out, I end up looking like I’m tinted orange. It looks extremely natural when you lay a thin layer of this under your foundation (where the sun would naturally hit) and then adding your foundation on top because you have that hint of bronze without it being overpowering. I also suggest adding it to your regular foundation, especially the mattifying ones, to add some dimension to the overall look. I love adding this to my Maybelline Fit ME Matte and Poreless foundation because that foundation is extremely flat and accentuates my dry spots. Adding this adds a little bit of moisture and dimension so I don’t look one dimensional.
  • Texture/Scent/Feel: The glitter/shimmer is extremely fine and you don’t feel any grittiness when you apply it. Which is great when you’re mixing it with another foundation. The actual BB cream is very lightweight so when you mix it in with other foundations, it’s not like you’re adding another layer and it’s great when you want to add it underneath or on top of a foundation. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have a smell of sunscreen. Sometimes products that have some type of SPF in it can have an overwhelming scent of sunscreen and I don’t notice any scent with this product.
  • Packaging: I definitely love the squeeze tube because it makes it easy to control the amount of product that comes out. You honestly don’t need a lot to get a bronze look and a little can go a long way.
Maybelline - Bronze BB - 5
Out of the tube
Maybelline - Bronze BB - 6
Blended out


I definitely do like having this product. I feel like it was relatively inexpensive and adds a great bronzey glow to a look. I would never walk out in public with this on alone because I feel like it’s just too much shimmer and too orange toned for me. If you do have this product and don’t like how it works on it’s own, I highly suggest try mixing it in with another one of your foundations – one that you find too flat or too mattifying – to give it a little life. It’s my favorite way to work it in to my routine and sometimes I feel like I’ve come back from a day of sunbathing. If you’re in the market for an affordable bronze illumintor, but you don’t want something that’s too pigmented, then this could also work. You’d just need to be really careful with the amount you use depending on your skintone.

What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below! Have a good one Beauties!




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