I Don’t Get It

February 12, 2015 (original post here)

When I entered college, I thought that I would be able to pick the classes that interested me. I thought that I would have a huge list of classes to take and I often imagined myself having to spend days narrowing down which class I want to take. I also had the preconceived notion that the higher I got up, the more options I would have. However, I ended up having less and less classes to pick from and more and more requirements to satisfy. 

I really don’t know if it was my logic that was flawed or if I was just ignorant to how college really was. I always thought that I would be taking classes that I enjoy. I also legitimately thought that I would have a bunch of different classes to pic from, but here’s the reality I faced. 

I have a set of required classes that I need to take and within that I have the amount of credits I need to satisfy my requirements. So I had the general classes I needed to take to get into my major and I had to take classes required by my major, which includes electives. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I was babied in high school, but when it came to electives, there was a decent amount of variety and everybody had something they genuinely wanted to take (minus those who hated school). 

As I finished taking my required courses, I was extremely excited to pick my electives. When the time came to finally look into my electives, at first, I was able to find a lot of classes that I was interested in. As I got higher up in college, I realized that I didn’t have the options that I was accustomed to. I’m currently stuck in two management electives that I really don’t care about, and two marketing majors (I enjoy one of them). 

In my management electives list I have 20+ different courses to choose from, however, I only found maybe 8-10 courses that were actually offered. I had already taken majority of them and two of them were math intensive, so I definitely did not want to commit to that. I honestly don’t get it. They had a lot of electives that sounded interesting and they seemed like classes I would actually want to go to, but they’re not offered. It’s frustrating. It’s even worse because I honestly could care less about one of my management electives, the other one is starting to grow on me. 

I do understand that courses aren’t available because teachers don’t want to teach them or that there’s no budget to bring in teachers who would be willing to take the course. However, I think they should really look into what classes are popular among students in the major and what classes students would actually sign up to take. If there’s a class that isn’t in high demand and there’s another one that is, but isn’t currently being offered, then they should focus more on the class that would have a higher enrollment. 

Do any of you face the same problem? I just hate how I’m forced to care about something I don’t really care about and it’s all because I had really limited choices in regards to the classes I could pick from. 


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