The Good and The Bad

July 20, 2015 (original post here)

I haven’t posted here in a while, and it’s mainly because I haven’t felt really inspired to write anything. As much as I want to get into writing on here again, I really don’t want to force anything. Here’s a quick update on everything that has been going on. I’m still working my retail job, I’ve been on one job interview for a “real job,” I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I should be doing, and I’m getting stressed out that I’m not doing all that I should be doing. However, everything that I was concerned about and was bothering me got pushed aside after my store’s meeting.

It hasn’t been a secret that the store that I work for has been struggling recently. To be honest, I knew we were struggling because of the types of clothes we were bringing in and the way our loyal customers reacted to the new pieces. On paper, our specific store looks strong compared to the rest of the other locations. We have a great sales team and even better managers/leaders; so when our GM (General Manager) told us that they were closing our store down, we were all in shock. It made sense to me why we weren’t receiving as many quantities of products and why our stockroom has been empty, but we’ve always impressed corporate with how we performed. At the end of the day, I’m glad to explain that we’re not closing because we didn’t perform well, we’re closing our doors because the mall wanted to raise our rent (even if we downsized).

I can’t tell you guys how hurt I was to think that this second family that I’ve come to love would be torn away from me at the ending of August. When I heard the news, I wasn’t concerned about whether I would have a job or not, I was concerned about what everyone else (team members and managers/leaders) were going to do. I didn’t know if there would be enough openings for them at other stores or locations. As our GM explained to us what was happening, she said, “When we (managers/leaders) got the news, we weren’t concerned about whether or not we would have jobs, we were concerned whether or not you guys would have jobs. Thankfully there are a lot of locations and we’re going to help find you guys new homes.” Dramatic, I know, but you have to understand that we really look at each other as family. Though I may have only been there for almost a year, I’ve come to see my fellow sales associates/brand team as brothers and sisters. We embrace our new hires and make them feel as welcomed as possible and for our managers/leaders to be that concerned over us speaks volumes to who they are and why we enjoy working with them.

I’ve been thinking about it all day and I really can’t imagine working under any other management or with an entirely new group of people but, just like my job, I’ll have to put a smile on and deal with it. Since I don’t have a “real job” lined up, I’m planning to continue to stick with the company and transfer to a store off the strip and see how I like the change in pace. I enjoyed working on the strip because it was always busy and there was always something different, but I think a change is in order. If things work out to where I get a job within the next month or so, I’ll be sad to part ways with my company, but I know that my managers would want me to pursue a new career.

Due to the situation, I’m starting to think of where exactly I want my life to go and to be honest I feel like a lost sheep. I really don’t know what direction I want my life to head towards. I want to start a career badly, but I’m still trying to break my way out of the vicious cycle of: “You need experience to get the job, but to get experience you need a job”. This season is starting to change and now more than ever I need to keep my head up and stay positive. I’ve been wanting to pick up this bracelet from my new favorite store Alex and Ani and on the little charm it says, “What’s For You Will Not Pass You.” For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been living and feeding off of this saying because I’ve been struggling a lot. I keep thinking about the rejection letters I’ve gotten or the calls I haven’t received and how I have a degree, but I’m working a part time retail job, I just feel like a failure. With this saying, I’m able to remind myself that I just need to keep working my way through this storm because it’ll eventually pass, and if an opportunity is meant for me, then it’ll come my way.

I want to remind you, that even when things seem bleak and that there doesn’t seem to be anything good in sight, things will get better, you just need to keep your head above the water.


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