The Light Warrior Project

April 3, 2015 (original post here)

**Just a heads up, I’ll be talking about my old church for a bit, but don’t worry I’m not going to get too religious on y’all**

When I used to go to my church back in Hawaii we had a section dedicated to becoming Light Warriors. I sat there thinking what in the world is a light warrior? I mean I knew where our pastor was going with it, but I just really had a difficult time thinking that we would be able to bring light into somebody’s life. 

I took a hard look at the world around me and the people I was surrounded with, and I just wondered, how much of a difference would there be if I just took some time out of my day to help someone. I don’t mean donating loads of money or buy things and have some of the profits go to charitable organizations. In my head I just wanted to invest my time into somebody. Whether it be sitting down for a quick 30 minute coffee break and just letting them vent to me, taking the time to connect with someone, being polite, etc. Just investing whatever I could into someone. 

At first, I thought that just doing these things wouldn’t make a difference, but the more I stopped worrying about myself and my problems, the more I felt good about me and what I was doing. The feeling of being able to put a smile on someone’s face just by being polite, or the relief I provided my friends when they knew they could come to me with any problem, it was amazing. Just watching the way someone’s attitude would change when I said a simple “please” or “thank you” and giving a sincere smile, it’s pretty fun. 

If you really want to see the impact that being a light warrior can have, I want you to think back to a time where you felt helpless, angry, or alone. Put yourself back into that mindset. Remembering these feelings can be difficult and it can stir up unwanted memories, but now, I want you to think about how different it could’ve been if someone had just extended a hand. Someone reached out, and took the time to care about you and your problems. Or someone did one random act of kindness. Wouldn’t it have made a difference? Wouldn’t you feel like there was some type of hope or good left in the world? 

When my middle sister was diagnosed with Leukemia, I thought that my world had ended. As the oldest, I was always told that I have to protect my sisters, but I couldn’t protect her from what was going on inside her. I felt helpless and even more so, alone. I thought that nobody could possibly fathom the pain and guilt that I was going through. I didn’t bother reaching out to anyone. Instead, I had someone reach out to me. My best friend. She didn’t say anything, but she sat there with me in our high school cafeteria the morning after I found out, and just let me cry. It may not seem like much, but to me it helped me to feel like I wasn’t alone. 

You don’t have to have a lot of money or a lot of connections to make a true difference. It’s just taking the time to invest into someone else. That’s what being a Light Warrior is. It’s investing time into someone to help them realize that there is some hope out there. Life isn’t something that someone should have to go through alone or feel alone. It’s something that should be enjoyed and the adventures should be shared. 

So I encourage you to take some time, to reach out. Maybe text that friend that you haven’t talked to in a while or maybe reach out to even your parents or grandparents to see how they’re doing. You don’t even have to talk to someone you know. It could just be being truly polite to a cashier who has had a long line of non-stop customers. Or showing a customer/coworker a little bit of gratitude or selflessness. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, just a little understanding. Think about all the individuals that you come in contact with. That’s a lot of people who have their own problems and their own worries, but imagine what a difference you could make if you just injected a little kindness. 


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