Thinking Of Retirement – At 22

March 28, 2015 (original post here)

It’s currently 3:34 AM, for some reason my mind thinks that it’ll be perfectly fine functioning with only 2-3 hours of sleep. Whatever, we’ll go with it. Since I couldn’t sleep, I started scrolling through Pinterest and thought about retirement. If there’s one thing our education hasn’t taught us, which I wish they did, is what to invest in and make the most of the hard earned money we make. 

I figured that I wanted to save enough to travel to places that I have never traveled to before, but still be able to function with only knowing English. I want to go to places like Australia, UK, England, Ireland, etc. I figured since I’d be old, not very sane, it’d be safer to travel somewhere I would be able to communicate with others. It also depends on how competent my husband would be, if he’s like me, I think we’d be better off traveling somewhere where we can understand people. 

Then I got to thinking about the other places that I want to travel to, like all over Asia, Italy, France, maybe Brazil, but I do want to see the world. When would I be able to make room for that? I want to travel and explore, but I also want to settle down. I’m 22, going on 23 and I just don’t know how everything would fall into place. I want to eventually get married and maybe have a kid or two (at the most), but I don’t want to be tied down by kids. I don’t want to have to wait for them to be a certain age to make traveling easy, I would them to fully be able to take in the experience and enjoy it. 

I just added something new to my retirement list. I want to be able to own a nice house with a view. I’m not talking about a mansion, just a modest 2 story house that’s perched atop a mountain or hill. I’m a huge scenery person, in fact, the homes that we lived in growing up in Hawaii always had the best, and sometimes most breath-taking views. I want that. I don’t want to look outside my window and see more houses, I want to look out my window and see the landscape and the outline of the Vegas strip. This dream home would probably be a little difficult since there aren’t many mountains or hills here, but isn’t that why it’s called a dream home? 

I wonder how much I would need to save to be able to travel the world and still be able to pay for bills. I want to be one of those old people who doesn’t worry about money because I have more than enough. I want to help provide a comfortable living for me and my husband so we can just feel free to spend and not be afraid. I really wish that in school they would require us to take personal financing. That way this dream, which is far down the road, could become a reality. I’m tired of professors telling us, “You guys unfortunately will have to work a long time to be able to save up enough to retire comfortably.” I know that this isn’t necessarily true, and I know that there are investment options that we could do to make the most of what we make. Instead I want them to say, “You guys will have to work hard, but here’s how you can get your money to work for you.” They only tell us we have a problem, but they don’t tell us how to solve it. I want to know what I can do to help see my dreams come true. I don’t want to be working till I’m 75-80. I want to work hard and then enjoy life. 

What are your plans for retirement? What ways are you saving up?


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