To The Dreamers

March 30, 2015 (original post here)

For the past couple of Saturdays, I’ve been watching one of my high school classmates live out his dream. How? Well, if you’re a big gamer, then you’ll know of League of Legends and believe it or not, I went to high school with the well known Dyrus of Team Solo Mid. 

When i first found out, I couldn’t believe that he’s making a living doing something that he loves. I honestly still can’t believe it. He’s been able to travel around the world, and he spends his time playing a game he loves while making money doing so. Every time I watch it, I think about how lucky he is to be able to pursue his dream, and all the things that had to take place in order for him to achieve something we all want (following a dream). 

To all my dreamers out there, you’re not alone. We all keep a dream because it motivates us to keep going. However, along the road, this dream can often take hits and damages and we begin to lose sight of that dream. Think about it, when you were younger what did you dream of becoming? A ballerina? A pirate? A rock star? What happened to that dream? We were told, “You can’t become that” or maybe, “That’s silly dear, think of something else.” Our dream became damaged and soon, we changed it to something that was more appropriate. I feel like as we get older, we begin to form a dream around everybody else’s hopes for us, and soon, we’re following/pursuing something that isn’t really what we want for ourself. 

Watching my high school classmate play or watching people on YouTube pursue their passion, I’m reminded of the excitement and passion I had for my own dream when I was little. I always wanted to become a teacher. I wanted to be able to have a classroom that I could decorate, assignments I could create, class projects that I would have, etc. However, I was told that a teacher would never make a lot of money, so it’s not worth doing it. So I changed it to a lawyer, then a nurse, then a doctor, and now… I’m dreamless (kind of). 

Have any of you done/are going through the same thing? Well, if you are let me put a little spark into your dream. I know that sometimes they’re out of this world crazy, but sometimes, the more you chase after it, you end up finding something that fits you better than your actual dream. It’s like that saying, “Aim for the moon, but if you fall, you’ll land among the stars.” As you go after your dream, if you don’t accomplish it, you might end up doing something even better. 

You may be thinking that it’s too late to pursue your dream and you may be worried about letting those around you down. It’s not easy being in that position, but think about it. You only have one life to live. One chance to do everything you could ever want. However, there may be circumstances that may prevent you from being able to actually go for what you want. I know that, we all have to do things to survive right? While you continue to survive, start doing little things to help that dream of your come to life. If you always wanted to open a small business, when you get home from work, make yourself a nice dinner, relax a little, and then start doing research about your industry, possible costs, etc. It’s difficult to attempt to juggle everything, but unless you’re financially stable enough to not work, then you’re going to have to juggle. 

It’ll be a difficult road, but if you’re truly passionate and believe that you can achieve what you want, then it’ll be worth it at the end. I have a friend who is going on this new religion/belief, and it’s all about happiness and doing what makes you happy. I think we live in a world filled with people who just aren’t satisfied with the life they’re living. Don’t become one of those people. I really hope that you will be able to be the people who say that they had a dream and they were able to achieve it. I want you guys to be excited to wake up in the morning and not want to go to sleep because you’re busy doing something that you love. That’s what I want for you guys. Just remember that you still need to survive, and if it means working while pursuing your dream, then it’s a price that must be paid to pursue a life you love. 


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