YouTube – Is It Worth Doing?

February 4, 2015 (original post here)

It’s no secret that we go to YouTube for a lot of things. we look to it when we want to hear our favorite songs, re-watch commercials, watch tutorials, etc. The list can go on and on. I started to notice that a lot of the OG YouTube personalities have been getting a lot of hate recently, and there are more and more YouTube personalities coming out. Which leads me to question whether or not YouTube is over hyped in terms of making YouTube videos and being successful at it.

When it comes to making YouTube videos, it takes a lot of time and effort. It’s no longer acceptable to be using a simple computer camera or phone to record real HD videos and your content needs to be amazing. However, with all of that you may not necessarily be successful at it. You can have the best film quality and awesome content, you will still struggle to get at least 10 views on your video. I mainly watch beauty videos and vlogs and over the years I’ve seen the amount of beauty related videos sky rocket. Every girl is trying to become the next Michelle Phan and make a living trying out makeup products and creating videos. 

Most of the YouTube personalities that I watch have since cut down on the amount of videos that they put out (with the exception of daily vloggers). Some went from posting 2-3 videos a week to posting 1 video every 2-3 weeks. It’s been difficult to really stay interested in what they’re posting because they just don’t seem relevant any more or they use products and talk about products that are stupid expensive and not realistic enough for me to consider buying. I’ve also had the “YouTube Dream” and it’s difficult to keep it alive. I’ve also had the problem where some of the videos are just overly sponsored that there’s no way I can really trust what the person is saying. 

There’s also been a lot of YouTube personalities that are on to doing bigger campaigns and promotions with big companies that they no longer have the time to dedicate to creating videos. Instead they may post Instagram pictures or Twitter updates talking about the event that they’re attending and they’ll get mixed comments. People will say that they’re becoming a sell out or they don’t care about their channel any more. While other support what they’re doing and be excited that they get to attend those events. While they’re out enjoying those events though, the “loyal” subscriber is waiting for a new video and when we do get a new video, it’s most likely a sponsored video or one featuring something that’s way too expensive. 

I’m not sure if any of you have planned to do YouTube videos or if you do create videos. If you do, do you hope to get “YouTube famous” or do you do it for the fun and hopes of helping others? I enjoy watching YouTube videos and I enjoy learning about new products, but honestly, what’s the point if you’re just a walking advertisement for some type of company? What’s the point of having millions of followers if you can’t even provide them with reliable and valuable information? Although I am getting over watching some of the main stream YouTube personalities, I haven’t been able to find new comers that I enjoy watching. I tend to watch more vlog videos because they’re more entertaining and I’m not looking for any type of information, it’s pure reality TV (in most cases). However, I still feel like some of them just act a certain way because the cameras on them. 

So with the amount of advertising and sponsorship within YouTube videos and the use of popular YouTube personalities neglecting their channel, is YouTube really worth getting into? Or is it just something that has lost credibility?


2 thoughts on “YouTube – Is It Worth Doing?

  1. i feel like a lot of them – probably all of them tbh, all make videos for these brands because that’s what they’re getting paid to do lol. A lottttt of popular youtubers bother the hell out of me and you can tell everything they say is not their true opinion! it’s all about the $$ and fake reviews. If i was to ever get offered a contract in the future to promote a company i actually use and love then I would do it but i would have to be able to give my honest opinion. I know for example Gerard Cosmetics actually has in their contracts that the reviews can only be positive?? so whenever i see any “beauty guru” promoting them i’m just like ahhhhhhhh you’re a fakerrrrrr..

    I started a youtube channel this month because I actually do love makeup and it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while… I don’t really care if a lot of people watch me or my subscriber amount or if i get paid. i really just wanted to make a channel/blog because It’s something I truly love, I like meeting others who enjoy makeup, helping out others with my honest opinion on products.. idk it just seems weird to lie about what i like or not lol. I wouldn’t recommend a $45 foundation when i know there’s a $6 at walmart that does the same thing.

    Hoping to see a bunch of new faces on Youtube who actually seem real and honest!


    1. exactly!! my boyfriend asks me all the time why i started to blog and wanted to do youtube videos and i told him it’s because i don’t really trust a lot of the opinions from the OG youtubers. if you’re into honest and i’m mean honest reviews, i love watching TotalMakeupJunkie101. You know how everyone was raving about Anastasia’s liquid lipstick? she straight up said that some of the colors are way too hyped up. I love her. She’s completely honest and she doesn’t have a lot of sponsored videos :]


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