Travel Diary – Zion National Park

If you saw my post from last week, you would’ve watched my little video of the day trip my family and I took. What I love about living on the mainland is the fact that we can just travel to different states. 

On our way to Zion National Park, we first drove through Arizona…

Arizona 1_Fotor

As we drove through Arizona we had beautiful views of the mountain, and it was a little cloudy so it made the overall scenery look cold, but comforting at the same time.

I didn’t expect to see a real sign letting us know we were in Utah. I thought I would just see a small sign saying, “Utah Welcome Center Next Exit” or something like that. However, we saw:


it was pretty neat to see an actual welcome sign. Granted we have one of the bigger ones (Welcome to Las Vegas) I was really excited to be able to catch this sign!

Once we finally got to Zion, we bought our pass, and we weren’t sure where we had to park and how we were supposed to get to the different trails. My dad had been there once before, but that was like 14 years ago or so and he slept all the way there, so he didn’t remember much. Since we really didn’t know what we were doing, we kept following the road, and we just kept going up and up until we finally drove through a dark one way tunnel. Eventually we had to make our way back down the mountain because:

  1. Basically everyone in the van was freaking out because of how high we were and how narrow the road was, and
  2. we were wasting a lot of time just going up and up.

Eventually we figured out where to park and how to get to the trail. So if you’re planning to road trip to Zion here’s what I suggest:

  • Go on a weekday – Parking is limited and majority of visitors park in the small town, which doesn’t have many parking spaces. If you go on a weekday, you at least give yourself a chance at finding space. You also need to take a shuttle basically everywhere and I’m sure you don’t want to be in a cramped space with everyone all up in your business (especially after a long hike).
  • Bring water and food – buying water there can get expensive, so it’d be good to pack your own and it can help you save a some money, especially if you’re planning a full on trip. It’s nice to save as much money as possible when you’re doing a road trip and bringing your own food to a tourist destination can help save a lot.
  • Bring extra shorts/bottoms and shoes – there’s a water trail that you can take (which is what my family and I did). If you do this trail, you’ll get a lot of sand in your shoes and the water can come up higher than your knees in some areas. You may also want to invest or find some type of hiking stick to help keep your balance in the river.
  • Waterproof electronics – even if you’re not planning to go in the water trail, it’s still a good idea especially if you’re going to keep your phone in the same bag as your water and extra food.
  • Pack light – this is a pretty simple tip for any excursion. You don’t want to be weighed down too much by all the excess stuff while hiking especially when you’re walking back to the shuttles or have to walk to your car.
  • Sunscreen – always a must. No matter what trail you’re planning to take or how overcast it is, you could always use sunscreen. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry and I’ve gotten sunburnt on a cloudy day (weird right?)
  • Bring a light jacket – this is really important if you go on the water trail. The deeper you get into the trail, the colder it gets. If you don’t want to get sick then definitely bring a light/athletic jacket with you.
  • Enjoy the view – seriously guys the coloring and surfaces of the mountains are beautiful! It’s nice to just take a moment and enjoy everything there is to see.
  • Do the last or second to last trails – the only reason I suggest this is because of the shuttles. Think about it this way, if you’re going to do the last trail, you’ll be the last ones to get off the shuttles and you’ll be the first ones on the shuttle when you’re heading back. You’re guaranteed seats, especially if you’re going on a weekday.
  • Be aware of the squirrels – they are fearless and not many of them will move out of your way. A lot of people thought they were friendly, and maybe they were, but I still wouldn’t take a chance on feeding them or getting too close to them.

Here are some pictures from the trail that we took:

IMG_0668 IMG_0673 IMG_0675 IMG_0682 IMG_0689 IMG_0707 IMG_0712 IMG_0723 IMG_0744

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I would love to go again to explore the other trails. Also, if you love taking pictures of scenery/landscapes, then this is definitely a place where you can take hundreds of pictures!

The trail was easy, and they label the difficulty of the trails and what you can expect on the trail (steep decline, uneven flooring, etc.). You can bring kids along since there are really easy trails, but I think they should be at least 8-10 to really be able to enjoy the experience. If I find another place to upload all the pictures I took, I’ll let you guys know! :]

Have you traveled to any fun places this summer? Let me know your experiences and where you’ve been in the comments below!!


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