[REVIEW] L’Oreal – True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator (Rose)

I was finally able to get my hands on some higher-end highlighters to compare how this was compared to some of the more expensive ones out there on the market. If you read my original first impression of this product, I was excited to see a drug store highlight option, but if you already had an extensive highlight collection, then this isn’t something you need to add to it. So, have my thoughts changed?

Lumi Highlighter 1

The Claim:

The ultimate in luminosity. L’Orèal Paris introduces its first powder highlighter specifically crafted to highlight key features or illuminate all-over. Designed in Golden, Rose, and Ice shades that flatter every skintone from warm to neutral to cool… Rose illuminator enhances yellow, peachy, pink, or blue tones in neutral skintones… – L’Orèal 

Lumi Highlighter 3


  • Easy to use
  • The color ranges compliment warm, neutral, and cool skintones
  • Great for those who want to get into highlighting, but afraid of too much glow
  • It lasts a long time (as long as you don’t rub your face against something)
  • The overall look is soft and pretty subtle
  • Goes on easily and I don’t notice it settling into any pores or fine lines. 

Lumi Highlighter 4


  • To me, the price point is a little high ($10-$12). I know L’Oèal is the “high-end” for drug store, but I really don’t want to pay the same amount I pay for a foundation. 
  • Each section doesn’t have their own unique color, and when they blend they have a light pink tone to them. 
  • It’s nothing too special. If you have other highlighters in your collection, I definitely say you can pass on this. It’s not as pigmented/noticeable as something like The Balm’s Mary Lou-minizer or the oh so popular Becca and Jacklyn Hill Champagne Pop. 
  • Too much can make you look chalky because of it’s harsh white tones. 
First 4 are the colors sawtched individually. Last swatch is all of them mixed together.
First 4 are the colors sawtched individually. Last swatch is all of them mixed together.

Final Verdict:

It’s great for beginners, but if you have a good collection of highlighters, you can definitely pass on this. I say if you wear a number 1-7 for L’Orèal’s true match line, this will work fine for you. Though this is supposed to be for neutral skin tones, cool skin tones can pull it off because it does have a white/silver-ish sheen to it. Luckily for me, I say my skintone is pretty neutral right now, so I can pull off both warm and cool shades. 

They say that this could also be used as a blush, but I don’t suggest it. There’s not enough pink tones or even mauve tones in it to really show up as a blush. The brush included doesn’t feel soft enough to be used – I honestly didn’t feel like using it because it felt scratchy to the touch. 

Lumi Highlighter 5_

Hope you Beauties enjoyed this review! Have you tried out this product?? What do you think about it, especially this is one of the first highlighters in the drug store. Let me know in the comments below!



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