DIY – Monthly Planner

I’ve seen so many high-end planners on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. To be honest, I really can’t picture myself paying over $20 for a single planner let alone $50-$75! Yes, believe it or not there are planners that retail for that much. What inspired this was the fact that I’ve always wanted to have one of those cute high-end planners, but I’m broke and obviously can’t afford one of them, so I wanted to create a cute yet functional planner on a budget.

If you’re interested in creating a monthly planner keep reading!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 Spiral, college ruled notebook (10″x8.5″) 1 subject
  • Decorative scrapbook paper (12″x12″) Pick any design/style you want
  • 12″ Ruler
  • Double sided tape
  • Decorative tape (washi tape)
  • Decorative pens – no gel pens!
  • Pencil
  • Stickers
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Loads of creativity

I must warn you, this would be a lot easier if you have a cricut or a lot of colored printer ink to spare. If not, you’ll need a lot of sticker letters or have really good handwriting.


  • Measure the cover of the notebook, not including the spirals. Take those dimensions and trace it out on to your scrapbook paper


  • *If you want to add a cover sheet to the front, you can pick up Vellum Paper, same are you’d pick up the scrapbook paper – Rip out a page from the notebook to trace out the dimensions and mark out the holes for the spirals. You’ll need to have a 1/8″ hole punch. Punch out the holes, and then make slits to slide it in between the notebooks spirals.*DIY 3
  • Once you cut out your main cover, use the double-sided tape to adhere the scrapbook paper to the cover. Using tape will create a flatter surface.
  • From here you can design your cover however you want. I decided to use a quote with a little picture. Once you’re satisfied with the cover, you can move on to the inside.


  • I skipped the first page and started working from there. You’re going to double-side tape three pages together then grab another 3 sheets and double-side tape them together. The space in between is where you’ll draw out the month. Keep repeating this process until you’ve reached the amount of months you want. Label the top of the page with pencil to keep track.

DIY 4   DIY 5DIY 6

  • When you’re satisfied with the amount of months you have here you’ll begin decorating. Here’s how I did mine:
  • Header: I counted three lines from the original boarder and I used washi tape to create a decorative line. I placed the bottom of the washi tape at the bottom of the third row’s line.


  • Rows: After marking off the header, creating the rows are easy. From the bottom of header boarder, count out 5 rows and mark it. From there count another 5 rows and then mark it. The space between each line is 5 rows. I used colored pens to emphasize the rows.

DIY 10   DIY 11

  • Columns: Using the inch side of the ruler, you’re going to mark 1.9″, 3.9″, and 5.9″. These marks will be made underneath the header. Use colored pens to trace in the vertical lines.

DIY 12

  • Final product: You should end up with something like this:

DIY 13

  • I used sticker letters to label each month, but if you have a cricut or access to a lot of colored printer ink you can definitely use these options to label your months.


  • Look at your phone calendar and start numbering the days.

DIY 15

  • Now you can decorate. Once you’re done with getting the months set up, you can decorate them however you want.

Hope this helps you guys out!! I’d love to see what you guys come up with!! I’m on twitter and instagram: @ciaociao808


6 thoughts on “DIY – Monthly Planner

  1. I will definitely be trying this out, thank you so much!! I’ve had Lilly Pulitzer planners the past two years But just can’t afford one this year although this year will by far be my busiest yet. Much love!

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