Easy Organization Tips

Throughout middle school, high school, and college I was always obsessed with figuring out ways to keep myself organized. I learned that in order to keep myself organized I need to write things down multiple times and create lists. So here are a few things that have kept me organized for the past years.

  1. Planners:

planner 1

Never underestimate the power of the planner. I absolutely love using a planner. I used to go for extremely fancy-pancy planners, like the one featured on the right, but then I realized that I never really used it because it was too cute and I didn’t want to ruin it. I decided to stick to cute, but functional planners, like the one on the left.

planner 2 planner 3

I always go for planners that have a monthly calendar, but also goes by weeks. The monthly part made it easier to plan out for projects, tests, midterms, breaks, and vacations. The weekly part helped me stay organized within the week. When I was in college the main things I jotted down in the weekly part were:

  • Assignments (for the week)
  • Topics discussed in class during that day
  • Tests/exams during that week

In college I ended up not having any classes on Fridays, so in the Friday section I would create a list of the things that needed to be completed over the weekend. Now that I’m out of college, I write down my work schedule, ideas for posts/videos, and when I want to post new blogs or videos.

2. Phone, iPad, and Laptop:phone 1

I have all Apple products (love me or hate me) and I definitely love the fact that I can have everything sync up with each other. I never realized how important it was to have this until I hit junior year of college. During junior year, I started getting a lot more group assignments and it became a little difficult to juggle all the group meetings and things that would need to be done all in a planner. I started utilizing the calendar app to schedule meetings. I love 3 things about the calendar app when I create a new event: 1. I can type in the specific group that I’m meeting with (e.g.: MKT 442 group), 2. I can set up when I want to be alerted about the meeting, and 3. I can add notes to it – so during the meeting I can type in the notes section who’s going to do what, when things need to be submitted, and any other miscellaneous information.

phone 3          phone 2

Later, when I get home I can access the information through any of my devices. This works great especially if you have multiple projects going on at one time.

3. Whiteboard

board 1

Like I said above, I need lists to function. I use a whiteboard to list out the things that I need to do. I use the whiteboard mainly for short-term things that need to be done; essentially I would take the list I created in the Friday portion of my planner, and translate that to the whiteboard. Sometimes I would use it to also help me with my papers. I would jot down my ideas/points of interest on sticky notes and arrange them on the whiteboard to make sure that my papers would flow. I also used this when it came to presentations, especially long presentations. Using a similar technique to how I wrote my papers, the sticky notes would act as powerpoint slides and I would list down the points I planned to use, then arrange it. This gave me a better opportunity to see what the presentation would look like before I put it in an actual powerpoint.

I really hope these tips help you in this school year! I know it can get overwhelming, but trust me, handle things a little at a time and keep track of your days, you’ll be fine. For those of you who are a senior in high school, enjoy it, but also make sure to spend some time with your friends. If you’re a freshman in college, don’t be too focused on trying to have fun. Freshman year in college is the easiest way to cushion yourself, GPA wise (most 4-year colleges require you to have a certain GPA before you go on academic suspension). If you’re in college good luck! You’re one step closer to graduating, and if you’re graduating college this semester, than stay focused. You’re so close, don’t give up now.

Have a great day/week guys,




One thought on “Easy Organization Tips

  1. I always thought that I was weird for not wanting to “ruin” all of my cutesy supplies by actually using them so I never used mine either haha


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