[FREEWAY SERIES] Introduction

We all have hurts, pains, burdens, worries, etc. We’ve been conditioned to bury these things and put these things aside. We’ve been conditioned to not validate these things because they’re not what others want to see. Here’s a prime example: when it comes to social media we tend to post mainly the exciting/happy moments of life (trips, awards, good days, days we’re feeling ourselves, the list goes on), but when we post something where we express our sadness or our feelings of discontentment, we open ourselves to criticisms and then have others not validate our feelings. Freeway is designed to help us unbury our feelings and learn to validate them and work with them.

The more pain and hurt we bury the more it affects the way we form relationships, maintain relationships, and our outlook on everything. Though Freeway is meant to be a church thing, I strongly believe that there are lessons that can be applied to anybody’s life. We all deserve to have our feelings validated and we all deserve to be able to learn how to live with it. So I really hope you’ll follow me on this journey and at the end of it, I hope that maybe it’ll help someone out there.

I’m planning to make this a weekly thing, so you’ll continue to see my typical posts throughout the week.




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