[FIRST IMPRESSION] Rimmel | OH MY GLOSS! – Keep A Secret

Whoop another, what I believe to be, new drug store line! During the same trip that I picked up the new Maybelline mascara, I saw this new display for Rimmel featuring Rita Ora. These new lip glosses “claim to fame” is that it’s a 6 hour formula. So here are my thoughts, enjoy!

Oh My Gloss 1


  • Pigmentation: it’s not a super opaque gloss, well at least this particular color. This is a sheer gloss that doesn’t really add much color, just mainly shimmer.
  • Texture: if you’ve tried Covergirl’s Lip Lava, it has a similar tackiness as that, but slightly less tacky. I also like the fact that the shimmer isn’t chunky and you can’t feel it on your lips.

Oh My Gloss 4

  • Wear: The actual wear on it is pretty impressive. If I don’t eat anything, and just drink through a straw, it lasts a long time (I don’t go 6 hours without eating, so it’s kind of difficult to tell if it really lasts 6 hours). For those of you who swear by lipgloss, you’ll know that tackiness helps with the longevity of the gloss, so it’s no surprise to me that this lasts a while on the lips. One thing I should note is that on the occasions that I did use it, the longer I wore it, the less shiny it looked. I’m not too sure if that because the gloss was being absorbed or what.
  • Color: I really like this color because it’s so easy to pull off. My natural lips are more on the berry/mauve side and it looks great on top of them. It’s a light peachy pink with some gold/pink shimmer. It’s a great color for everyday, especially if you don’t want anything too heavy on your lips.
  • Applicator: I love the applicator on this. It has the right mix of give and sturdiness. It’s not too stiff where it applies the color super sheer, but it’s not to flimsy where it doesn’t evenly disperse the product.

Oh My Gloss 3


I like it, but I don’t think I’d go out and purchase all the colors. If anything I would purchase some of their darker colors to see how they wear. I can’t remember the other colors they had, but I know for sure they had a red in the collection and with fall/winter coming up I definitely want to pick up a red.

Hope you guys enjoyed this first impression. If you have any questions or tried this product yourself, let me know in the comments below and tell me how you liked it!




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