[FIRST IMPRESSION] NYX – Prismatic Eyeshadow | Bedroom Eyes

If there’s another brand that I love just as much as Maybelline and e.l.f., it would be NYX. It’s one of the first brands that I used when I started getting into makeup and I like to think they have the cutest packaging in the drug store besides Physicians Formula. When I walked in to Ulta, the bright silver packaging immediately caught my attention and I just had to try out some of these eyeshadows.

Bedroom Eyes 2

I’m not exactly sure how new these Prismatic Eyeshadows are, because I could’ve sworn that this line was already released, but on the NYX website, it’s under the new products tab. This is the more neutral and wearable color that I picked up. At only $5-$7 per eyeshadow, the price isn’t too bad.


  • Pigmentation: The pigmentation on this is absolutely stunning. It’s so rich in color and extremely opaque. It may not seem like it when you first swatch it, but you’ll change your mind quick.
  • Color: In the pan it may just seem like a regular golden brown, but when you apply it, it has hints of copper, and it has a slight gold-brown duo chrome to it. I wouldn’t full on consider this a duo chrome eyeshadow because the effect isn’t that dramatic as something like the eyeshadows that came out in MAC’s Le Disco collection.
  • Easy to use: It’s a great eyeshadow to use for a one shadow look because it has the duo chrome-ness to it. I basically use my ring finger to pack the color on my lids and then I take a crease brush and place the color in my crease and blend out any harsh lines. When I use the crease brush it concentrates the color and because it’s in my crease it comes off as a brown.
  • Little to No fallout: I was extremely worried that there would be a ton of fallout mainly because of how dry the texture of the shadow is. Since there are no huge chunks of glitter or shimmer, there’s hardly any fallout. I only notice little bits of fallout on my lashes when I placed the color in my crease.

Bedroom Eyes 3


  • Fingers > Brush: basically the color comes off a lot more concentrated when you use your fingers to apply it. I do love using my fingers to apply my eyeshadow on my lids, but I know for some, they’re not comfortable with doing this.
  • Uneven application – possible: If you use a brush, you definitely raise the chances of the eyeshadow applying unevenly and patchy. Even if you use a dense brush, I think the texture of the shadow and formulation will just apply patchy.
  • Fading Intensity: As beautiful as the eyeshadow is, I do notice it losing it’s intensity after blending in a crease color and throughout the day. After applying my crease color, I go back in and apply another layer on my lid, but after maybe an hour or so, it just doesn’t look as intense which is unfortunate.

Have any of you tried these eyeshadows out yet? Have you tried applying it wet? Let me know in the comments below!! Also, let me know if there are any specific products you want me to try!!




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