[RANDOM] TBT – Glam Twirl

I remember when I was younger, this cool looking device came on TV and it said you can easily braid your hair. During that time, having small braids in your hair was the “in” thing. I wanted it so badly, but I knew my parents would never get it for me. Then one day, I went shopping with my Aunty and Grandma and I was able to finally convince them to get it for me.


I was so excited I ripped it open once we got to my grandparent’s house and tried it and was it the biggest let down EVER! I remember feeling so crushed and thinking that maybe I did it wrong, but then I looked closer and realized it only twirled my hair… HOW CAN HAIR STAY TOGETHER WHEN IT’S ONLY TWIRLED?! I was so sad and crushed. I think that was the last time I bought anything that I saw on TV.

Then tonight, literally like 5 minutes ago, I saw a commercial for it or a “revamped” version of it. I couldn’t believe they brought this piece of trash back. It made me stop trusting everything I saw on TV.

Have you ever bought into a “Seen on TV” product? What was it? Did it work out for you? Let me know in the comments I love seeing what products actually work!



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