[TRAVEL DIARIES] The Forum Shops @ Caesars

When it comes to high-end shopping or amazing atmosphere, The Forum Shops is the best place to visit on your next trip to Las Vegas!

The Forum Shops isn’t just a shopping mall, it’s more of an overall experience. It is a high-end mall, and by that I mean most of the stores are high-end (e.g.: Louis Vuiton, Tory Burch, Moncler, etc). There are some medium ranged stores like GAP, Guess, Armani Exchange, but for the most part it’s all high-end.

Like any mall there are also restaurants, and all the restaurants are ones with a high reputation. The restaurants include: Spago, Border Grill, Sushi Roku, etc. Each of these restaurants have won their own awards and serve top quality food right in the mall!

If the food of shopping doesn’t interest you then you have to come just to enjoy the overall architecture of the building and the show. First let’s talk about the architecture. I let some of the pictures do the talking:


I’m always in awe with how much detail went into everything. The statues look absolutely beautiful, they look handcrafted and the detail on them is amazing. Even the murals that are all over the mall have so much detail it’s breath taking how beautiful the murals are. As you walk throughout the mall, take a couple of moments to look above the stores (especially around the Fountain of the Gods) area.

 You’ll see hidden statues above some of the stores, and even those are extremely detailed!

If you have time you can also check out the Atlantis show: 

It’s a show that happens every hour starting at 11AM – it’s also surrounded by a mini aquarium that has a Roman theme to it as well.

The Forum Shops at Caesars place is an all in one place. It’s a great place to get some shopping done or check out what designers are coming up with, you can walk around and enjoy all the architecture/environment, you can have an amazing meal, you can watch a show, etc. There’s just so much you could do!

I how you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you checked out The a Forum Shops and what you thought about it!! Until next time…




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