[FIRST LOOK] Disney @ Walgreens

So I’m going to be honest, I haven’t worn any of these for a full day. I picked them up today and tried them on and that’s about it, but I just had to post them. If you’re an avid collector of makeup and love collecting Disney things, I think these are perfect to add to your collection. Plus I love the Disney villains.

Villains - 1

You’ll notice that all of these are red colors, but do I care? No. I bought these cause they’re cute. A part of me cared a little about the pigmentation, but bother than that I thought these be cute to display on my makeup stand.

The names are (L-R): Dragon’s Lair, Potion, and Majestic. Potion and Majestic are very similar to each other, but to me it looks like Majestic is more of blue based red and potion is more of an orange based red.

Villains - 2

I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented these were, but Dragon’s Lair and Potion are super dry compared to Majestic. DL and Potion tug on the lips when applied and it can be a little difficult to do an even application. I’m not sure why Majestic is so smooth compared to the rest, but this applies easily and evenly.

I’ll be sure to post a first impression and a review on these lippies. Check out your local Walgreens for the cute Disney Villain collection!!




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