[LIFE] What Nobody Taught Me About Growing Up

Now that I’m starting to make my way into my mid 20s (wow, that’s weird), I’m starting to realize how unprepared I am for life. I wish I had some kind of guide book when it comes to things like: personal finances, insurance, moving out, financing, purchasing a new car, renting/leasing a new place, etc. As much as I’m ready to be on my own, I feel so unprepared. 

I spent 5 years in college. I paid to have an education, but I wish they would have a required class that helps answer questions regarding life. That class could cover topics like: Ways To Afford A Car, Picking The Right Insurance, How Does Insurance Work?, Transitioning Off Your Parents’/Guardians’ Benefits, etc.

Could you imagine how helpful this class would be? I keep thinking about moving out, but then I start to think about having to pay for my own insurance, utilities, rent, renters insurance (do I even have to pay that?), etc. What do I even need to bring when I turn in my application to rent a place?

I have so many questions and I keep worrying that maybe I’ll never be ready to be on my own. How do I even know when I saved up enough to do everything that I want to do? I honestly feel like I would have to save up for 5 years to be able to afford everything.

Here’s another doozy. Since I’m working a full-time job I get benefits, but I don’t even know how these benefits work and what type of benefits I’m eligible for. I mean, I enrolled, but I had to no clue what I was enrolling for. I don’t understand the terminology or anything. At the end of it all I could think is: I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LIFE haha.

I literally need someone to hold my hand through this process because I really don’t know what I’m doing.

If you moved out and leased/financed a car, how did you financially plan for it? How much did you save up before you were comfortable with making these big purchases? How did you find you car insurance? Or if you have any advice I’ll take anything I can get.




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