I’m not calling out any specific girl, nor group of girls. 

As I scroll through Instagram, I tend to see, what I  like to call, “Typical Insta-girl.” I mean think about it and take a scroll through your Instagram ‘Explore tab.’ I’m tired of seeing these made up faces with tons of makeup on because I want to be able to do it, but I can’t. I’m a girl that would rather get more sleep than conceal and contour. I give myself about an hour to get ready and I usually only use 30-35 minutes of that time. 

As much as I would love to be able to paint on my brows, use cream contour products, highlight to the gods, etc. I can’t. If I went into work with that type of makeup it’d be extremely inappropriate, but rarely do I see looks that are catered for “typical girls.”

When I originally wanted to do YouTube videos, I wanted to do it for the “everyday girl.” A girl who didn’t have the time/patience to do all the complicated stuff, but still wanted to look put together. I wanted girls, who may not necessarily be ready for a ton of makeup, to feel comfortable with wearing just the minimal and know that it’s okay.

I really hope that eventually I’ll have the time to create these videos, because I want to see “real girls” on YouTube. I want to see outfits that can be worn in an office setting, but is still stylish. I want to see advice regarding nail polish colors in a professional setting. I want to see how you can still have fun with your makeup in a professional setting.

As much as I love these cute little fashions and complicated makeup looks, I think it’s time to see what it’s like for a real girl in the real world trying to climb her way up the company ladder.

What do you guys think??




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