My Obsession With Happiness

I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone that has stumbled upon my blog that I always talk about happiness and makeup. To some people my obsession may seem weird or unusual and probably annoying, but I think it’s something that people don’t think about  it. 

See, the pursuit of happiness is something that encompasses every aspect of your life. I’ve seen so many people try to fill their lives with material possessions because they believe that that will bring them happiness. I’ve seen people try to find happiness in unfulfilling relationships or they jump from one relationship to another. I’ve also seen people try to find happiness by chasing a high that is constantly fleeting.

I decided a long time ago that the only person that can influence my happiness or provide me any type of happiness is myself. So I decided that my happiness will be something that I create. From that day, I began my journey to find this “happiness.”

I knew the feeling that I wanted-I wanted to wake up feeling satisfied about every aspect of my life. I didn’t want to wake up and feel like there was some type of burden on my shoulders. I didn’t want to go through the day worrying about what someone might say about me to others. I didn’t want to carry any guilt or pain in my heart.

The more I continued the journey the more I realized that everyone should have the same feeling as I did. I became more thankful for every moment in my life and I learned to find the good in the bad. Realizing that it is possible to find that bliss made me think that everyone else could have that too. I wanted to be able to help others find that moment because life shouldn’t be about just surviving. You shouldn’t wake up and just go through a routine. You should wake up with a pep in your step and no matter how tired you are, you find the energy to go through the day because you’re in love with every aspect of your life.

By putting all my energy into creating my happiness, I’ve been able to find amazing people and create amazing relationships. The optimism that I taught myself to have has lead to amazing opportunities to come my way. It’s helped to pull myself out of the darkest pits and use my resources to help me get back to where I need to be.

My obsession with happiness stems from the fact that I never want to feel alone, upset, or faithless again. I have had so many amazing things happen to me and although there were some bad things too, I choose to see the good that come from it. I created my happiness because I knew how I wanted my life to be. I knew how I wanted to feel everyday when I woke up. My obsession with happiness is built on the fact that though I may not be able to control everything that happens to me, I have the ability to control the way I react to every situation.

Yes, I do have an obsession with happiness, but what’s so wrong with that?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Remember your circumstances shouldn’t define who you are. You should be able to define who you are.




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