[WORKING GIRL’S GUIDE] Nail Polish For The Office

Nails are one of the easiest things to accessorize for us, isn’t it? We can change it in a snap and we have so many colors, finishes, and styles to choose from! However, when it comes to working in an office, sometimes we’re not able to make the fun choices like we used to.

Like most things in this series, it’s all relative. If you’re working in a typical corporate company, you may not be allowed to have fun colors on your nails. Some places will allow certain colors, and some probably could care less. When you’re out there hustlin to make that paper, you never want to get in trouble just for something as small as your nails, but you also want to remember that you want to give off the full-package look. That means looking polished <—– I made a little funny :]

For my situation, my company seems pretty relaxed when it comes to nail colors. However since I don’t want to get in trouble, I stick with mostly neutral colors and classic colors.

Working Girl - Nail Polishes

If you’re not sure what nail polish looks are acceptable, check what your coworkers are wearing and you can also ask your human resources contact what’s acceptable The safest best would be to stay away from any bright colors – like neon oranges, pinks, purples,etc. I would also stay away from rhinestones and nail decor stickers.

The more neutral the better. I look for gray undertones in a lot of the colors that I use and I also look at vampy colors as well, mainly anything close to black.

There’s also the very popular and classic french tips which you can never go wrong with. You can also do variations of a french tip using different colors and subtle designs.

Remember, nails are the easiest way to keep your individuality in a corporate world. When it comes to corporate it’s easy to feel like you’re becoming a generic version of a “female” and trust me it sucks. By painting my nails I’m able to have a little fun and I get to add some color to my life.

What are your favorite colors to use on your nails? What do you look for when it comes to work appropriate nail polishes? I would love to know your thoughts!




2 thoughts on “[WORKING GIRL’S GUIDE] Nail Polish For The Office

  1. I don’t know how appropriate it is, but I’ve never had complaints. Also, job I currently have is just an internship, but my go to polishes are dark purples and also reds :p


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