[TRAVEL DIARIES] Six Flags | Magic Mountain

If there’s one thing I have a love/hate relationship with it’s rollercoasters. I love the thrill and adrenaline rush I get afterwards, but I hate the anticipation of waiting in line and for the turns, loops, flips, etc. During Summer we took a trip to Six Flags because my boyfriend wanted to share the awesome-ness with me.

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a rollercoaster junkie; in fact, rollercoasters scare me shizless, but it’s that adrenaline rush I get afterwards that push me to go on them and the fact that I can say, “yeah, I rode that.” One thing that I really like about Six Flags is how affordable it is. For my ticket it was about $65 (one park) which is far cheaper than Disneyland’s $99 (one park) ticket. 

If you do plan on going to Six Flags Magic Mountain I highly highly suggest creating a “plan of attack.” Figure out what ride you want to go on first – that way when the park opens you can head there immediately. The first ride you pick should be the most frightening one. For me it was X2 and I’ve never been on anything like it. For my boyfriend it’s Goliath, however that ride is too advanced for my liking so we compromised with X2. 

Then we went on some of the well-known rides. Since we were at the park pretty early, the lines for the other rides we went on weren’t too bad. I will warn you though, if your head is really sensitive when it comes to the rollercoasters with the over-the-shoulder restraints and head restraints, take breaks in between each ride. We went back-to-back on the rides and our heads were killing us at the end of the day. 

One thing that I did like about the theme park is that it was DC comic based and instead of “Mickey ears” they have superhero and super villain capes! I got myself a Harley Quinn cape. 

If you’re hoping for a kid friendly place, this could be worth the trip only if: 

  • They LOVE (notice the emphasis?) rollercoasters. This place is a rollercoaster park – not many kiddie rides. 
  • You don’t mind waiting in long lines. Like any amusement park the lines are long, but rollercoasters only last about 1-2 minutes so the lines move relatively quickly.
  • You don’t mind walking up steep walkways. This is a big place (needs to accommodate a lot of rollercoasters) and rollercoasters are on the hills which gives makes sense to me (you can generate serious speed on the drops). Steep walkways will be almost everywhere, so get used to them. 

Other tips: 

  • Invest in the plastic drink cup. It’s definitely worth it if you’re there all day because you get unlimited refills – and for the rest of the year you can bring the cup and only pay $0.99! We definitely got our mone’s worth.
  • Arrive early/when it opens – you’ll be able to get on more rides with shorter than usual lines. You’ll still have to wait in line, just not as long.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and carry as little as possible. They don’t have bins that you can place your things in; they have lockers, but you have to pay (pay at each ride or pay once and keep your items by the entrance). Place your phone somewhere safe – if you put it somewhere vulnerable there’s a high chance your screen will crack. 
  • NEVER WEAR FLIP FLOPS. I feel like this is an obvious one, but just thought I would add it in.
  • Pace yourself – especially if you plan to spend all day at the park. Ride, rest, ride, eat, rest, ride, etc. 
  • Sunscreen! Just do it – don’t forget to put some on your face too!
  • Map it out and plan. Again a plan of attack is important, especially if you’re going with other people. Figure out your priority rides and what you’ll be okay with missing out on.

I really enjoyed Six Flags and I think I would go again, when it isn’t hot. The only reason why I say “think” is because those coasters freak me out, actually it’s only X2 and Goliath – but I’d definitely go again for the others. There is another ride called Full Throtle that would freak me out, but it’s kind of cool. You basically ride a 2-loop coaster but then it stops and you ride the entire thing backwards! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favorite ride is or what cape you have!




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