[LIFE] A Call

My birthday recently passed, and this year I wasn’t really expecting to get cards or gifts. However, I came home to find cards from loved ones and heart-felt notes. Usually I make a note of who gave me a card and make sure to send them a little thank you note or card just to show my appreciation, but my mom is old school, and she said it’s better to call. Personally, I hate talking on the phone, mainly because I feel like I have to put on some type of show when I talk to people. I have to smile so that it sounds like I’m happy, I have to laugh even when I don’t think something is funny, I have a difficult time hearing people over the phone because sometimes there’s a delay, etc. There are a lot of reason why I don’ enjoy phone calls, but tonight I realized the importance of them.

In a world so caught up in technology and wanting everything done at their leisure, calling seems to have gotten too time consuming and sometimes a burden. I honestly rather text anyone instead of call them; like I said, I just don’t like talking on the phone. Tonight I had called my aunty to thank her for the birthday card and I dreaded pressing the call button- for some odd reason, I get really nervous and antsy when I make a call, but when I heard her and started to talk to her, I began to realize the importance of a call.

When you talk on the phone with someone, you hear their genuine self. You can hear the emotion, sometimes, that they’re feeling. It’s also nice to be able to hear a familiar voice and picture having a conversation with them face to face. I began to see the importance of a call, especially with family members. As I get older and things occur in my life, I tend to forget that my entire family doesn’t hear everything or see everything.

Though I may not be able to see them, talking on the phone helps us stay connected. There’s more meaning behind a phone call than a text; it’s more valuable and it lets the other person know that you took the time out of your day to really listen to what they’re saying. As I get older, I’m reminded that time is going by so fast and it’s not just me that’s getting older, it’s everyone around me. The changes that I’m going through and the breakthroughs that I’m having, they are things that should be shared. I’m lucky to have such a close knit family; I mean I feel comfortable talking to all of my extended family because they give me a sense of security. I want them to always feel like they’re a part of my life not matter what the distance is.

A phone call, to me, is one of the most important gifts that you can give your family. I used to wonder why my mom would always call her sisters and parents on the weekends, and I finally realized why she does it. It gives her the opportunity to feel like she’s near them again. To feel like they’re just feet away from her face. She can get them caught up as to what’s going on in her life and in our life. Most importantly, she finds the support and courage she needs to get through another week. I hear her laugh more than usual when she talks to her family, I hear her voice lighten up, I feel less tension in the air.

For those of you who are no longer living with your parents, guardians, close family member(s), etc. Can I encourage you to do one small thing some time this week? Give them a call and really talk to them, especially if they’re someone that has raised you. When you call, it’s not just showing that you remember them, it’s showing that you truly care about what’s going on in their life and that you miss them.

I easily forget how relaxed I am after I get done with a call from one of my family members. I get to hear what’s new in their life and they help me know that I’m on the right path and doing things I should be doing. I also realize how important it is to take time to check in with family. Again, we’re so busy with our own lives and what we’re doing, we sometimes forget that we have loved ones who are also going on with their own lives.

Now days, I don’t get to see my grandparents (dad’s parents) a lot, and I honestly feel horrible about it. I used to see them almost every day and every week. I loved talking to them because I like to hear their remarks to how my life is going and I think they enjoyed the fact that they could feel like they’re a part of my life. Before it was school and work, now it’s just work, I don’t get to see them as much as I used to. When I do see them, I can tell that they miss hearing my stories and everything that’s going on. I talked to them on the phone the other night and I could hear that my grandpa really missed talking to me.

If you skimmed through this post here’s what I’m trying to say: A call is worth more than any text message, email, or card. Take the time to call your loved ones – time isn’t stopping for anyone.




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