[FIRST IMPRESSION / NEW AT THE DRUG STORE!] Maybelline | Up In Smoke Full Face Palette

YES! You read that correctly! Maybelline has come out with a full face palette for the holiday season. I’m trying to think if there has been any other drug store brand to do something like this, and nothing comes to mind. When I stopped by my local Walgreens and saw this I had to pick it up. *There’s also a more neutral/gold palette as well*Maybelline_Up In Smoke_1

In this kit you get:

  1. 4 Eyeshadows
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Lipgloss
  4. Blush
  5. Highlighter (yes, a HIGHLIGHTER!)

and you get all of that for about $15.

Maybelline_Up In Smoke_5


  • Concept: I definitely love the concept behind this. I’m all about having everything I need in one kit because it makes traveling easier and even everyday makeup easier.
  • Highlighter: I died when I used this highlighter. I love it. It’s not too shimmery and there aren’t huge chunks of glitter (thank goodness) and it applied like a dream. In the pan it reminds me a lot of The Balm’s infamous Mary Lou-manizer and when I apply it, it looks very similar to Mary Lou-manizer. However, before I say it’s a dupe, I need to test it out a little more.
  • Blush: The blush isn’t extremely pigmented and in a smokey eye kit this is definitely a good thing. I know most of us are all about having super opaque blushes, but in my opinion, having a blush that’s barely there type of blush works with this kit. At first I thought this blush was going to be too pinky and intense to create a cohesive look, but I was pleasantly surprised with how light it applied, but it did give a slight flush.
  • Lipgloss: The lipgloss was surprisingly not tacky at all, however, I did notice that there was some goopy stuff all over the tube and on the plastic overlay. I don’t know what it was that had leaked out, but there wasn’t any weird funky smell so I said to myself, “What the hell, it’s okay to use.” I love how it’s not super opaque, but there’s still some color there and it’s not sticky. I don’t care for sticky lipglosses, except for the very few that have captured my heart. The formula is very comfortable on the lips and it wears for a decent amount of time.
  • Price Point: In my opinion, this is a pretty great value. Basically you get a quad, a full size highlighter, like a half-size blush, a mini lipgloss and eyeliner, and the quality of the overall packaging is great! The mirror can be placed at an angle and the plastic doesn’t feel flimsy at all.


  • The Quad: I’m not super impressed with the eyeshadows, and to be honest, the eyeshadow quality in the palettes don’t seem to be close to the amazing quality that they had in their smaller quads and trios. Very similar to the Nudes palettes, the pigmentation is hit and miss and the two black colors are very unimpressive. However, I do want to play with them a little bit more to see if there’s some way I can make it work.
  • Eyeliner pencil: This thing is very chunky and big. I usually don’t use pencil eyeliners, except for tightlining and this is super scary to tightline with. However, I must say that it’s extremely pigmented and creamy.

Maybelline_Up In Smoke_2

So Far:

I’m half impressed and half not. I don’t like the fact that the eyeshadow quad isn’t at the same quality as their regular quads, but I am absolutely in love with the highlighter! I do have to play around with this a lot more before I say whether I think it’s worth the money or not and whether it’d be a good Christmas gift, but so far I’m 50/50. Though I love the highlighter and the blush is pretty good, if the quad doesn’t work, then it’s not really worth the investment.

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