[FIRST IMPRESSION/NEW AT THE DRUG STORE] Revlon – Not Just Nudes | Romantic Nudes Palette

Hey guys welcome back! So along with the new Maybelline palette I featured in my last post, I picked up this new Revlon palette. There were two different versions of this particular palette – one was your typical neutral, bronze/gold toned palette, and this has a little more taupe/purple/pink tones to it. Since I have endless amounts of neutrals, bronze, and golds, I decided to pick up this particular palette called Romantic Nudes.

Not Just Nudes - 1


  • Layout: I definitely enjoy the layout of this palette because you can look at it like 3 quads put together. With first “quad” you can create a very neutral and bright soft taupe/pink look. With the second “quad” you can create a more taupe based look which is a little more hazier and warmer. With the last “quad” you can create a fun romantic rose-taupe and purple look.
  •  The palette: The actual palette is extremely slim and compact. I can definitely see myself taking this with me when I travel or if I want to bring a palette with me to transition a look.
  • Decent value: You get 12 really decent sized pan eyeshadows for $15. If the eyeshadows were more pigmented and there was a little more color variety, I would definitely say this is a great value. I’m going to have to double check about the actual ounces in each pan, but the pans look about 1.5 x bigger than the Maybelline eyeshadows.

Not Just Nudes - 2


  • Pigmentation/Longevity: At first I was extremely impressed with how some of the colors swatched. They looked pigmented and promising. However, when I applied certain colors to my eyes, I noticed that I had to keep adding on layers of it and even then I could see it fading. Once I was able to build up color, mainly on my lids, throughout the day I noticed it begin to fade.
  • Color Selection: Though I do enjoy the concept and the layout of this particular palette, I feel like some of the colors are just so similar to each other and they even apply similar. I would enjoy a matte purple/taupe color or even a darker charcoal color to add some type of dimension to the look. I just feel like it’s a semi-complete palette. I feel like there was some missed opportunities with the color selection.

Not Just Nudes - 3


From the outside, this looks like an amazing value palette. For $15 you get 12 eyeshadows that are a lot bigger than what you’d typically get in a regular palette and it’s slim enough to ravel with without taking up a lot of rooms and you can also create a variety of looks. However, and this is a big however, I just don’t see the pigmentation and longevity that would make it worth paying $15. If I have to use a base to make a color more opaque and help build it up, I’m fine with that, but if it can’t even last 4-5 hours during the day, then what’s the point? I can see this working well for those who have a lighter skintone than me. If you use L’Oreal products, I’m a W4, so I would say if your a 3 and under in the L’Oreal line, then you’d be able to create some gorgeous looks, however if your similar to my skintone or even darker, you may find it difficult to get the colors to show up.

If you’ve tried this product or even the other palette, let me know what you think about it in the comments down below!



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