[BLOGMAS] Day 3 – When Things Get Better

Hi! Hi! Hi!

I’ve been going through a rough time lately and it’s been going on for a couple of months. One of the things that I have a difficult time with when it comes to my religion is that you have to learn to be okay when you feel like things aren’t. It’s difficult for me because I want things to always go my way and if they don’t I’m quick to change my course. However this time I’m having to remain still. I’m having to be okay with where I am even though I’m not. It’s tough.

Today was finally the day where it felt like things were getting a little easier and that maybe the worst was passing. It was weird to find myself at some type of peace with everything that’s happening in my life. I forgot the feeling of being okay with everything.

Though I’m not quite exactly where I want to be, I’m finding more and more motivation to keep working towards my goal. The amount of motivation I have right now is crazy and maybe this is why I’m going through what I’m going through. Maybe the disappointments and discouragements were all to push myself to this place – to not expect things to just fall into my lap.


There are so many other things I want to do and start, but I need to stay committed to the jobs that I have now. I need to learn how to keep going even when I feel like complete and utter poop. I’m beginning to dream a brighter and better future for me (and in turn, my family and boyfriend) and I’m beginning to grow excited again for it.

Things do get better guys! In this season, I feel like people are on the extremes of things. They either feel extremely happy and jolly or they feel miserable and feel like they’re at the bottom of a well. For those who aren’t feeling the jolly holiday spirit, hang in there and keep clawing your way to feel better. Do things that bring you some happiness or relieves some stress. Allow yourself to have those little moments because you deserve it and your mind deserves. Things get better, you just need to be patient and learn to be content with where you are.




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