[BLOGMAS] Day 5 – The Growing Wish List

Hi! Hi! Hi!

With Christmas slowly creeping along, I wanted to share some of my Christmas wish list with you! Although, I don’t really care if I get these things, it’d be nice to have!

*All pictures belong to their rightful owners*

  • Disney 3D Crystal Puzzle

Blogmas Day 5 - Ariel photo Ariel.jpeg

I recently found this at my local Walmart and now I want them all! They’d be great to have just as a collection and they’re a lot more appealing to me than those POP! Vinyls. I wish they had more characters or at least the castle.

  • Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows:

 photo Foiled Eyeshadow.jpg

I’ve always wanted to try Makeup Geek’s products mainly because I know how much time, effort, and care that the CEO (Marlena) puts in. I’ve watched her on YouTube for years and I absolutely love her makeup skills and I know she knows what makes a good product. All the products that I’ve seen look amazing!

  • IKEA – Brimnes Dressing Table

 photo Ikea.jpg

I don’t have much room in my bedroom, so I would love this to be able to store some of my stuff, record videos, as a vanity, and as a desk. I can already picture putting this in my closet and organizing everything! To be honest, I can’t wait for IKEA to open here in Las Vegas!

  • Too Faced – Le Grand Palais (Exclusive to Sephora)

 photo Too Faced.jpg

I must admit that I’ve been eyeing this palette for the longest time, and though it may have not been getting the greatest reviews, I still want it. It’s adorable and it’d be so cute to have displayed on top of that IKEA desk!

  • Canon EOS Rebel T6i

 photo Canon.jpg

When I first wanted to get into YouTube, I wanted to get a Canon Rebel and at that time, it was extremely expensive. So I went for a cheaper option. I really like it for pictures, but it’s extremely difficult for me to see what I’m recording. With this camera, it has a flip screen so I can open it up while I’m recording.

  • Ring Light

 photo ring light.jpg

A ring light would be amazing to have! I would love to be able to record at night and not have to worry about the lighting too much. It would be so useful and I just really want to invest myself in my blog and YouTube channel.

  • Fujifilm Instax mini 8+

 photo Instax.jpg

Yes, I want another camera. I love to capture memories and I think this would be fun to take on everyday adventures. I want to explore my “backyard” and capture those glimpses in time. I think it’s portable and easy to carry, and I love the shape of the pictures. Along with the camera, I would love to have like 5 packs of those refill things too haha!

  • Louis Vuitton – Totally MM Damier Ebene 

 photo Louis Vuitton.jpg

I’ve always wanted a Louis Vuitton bag, mainly because I thought it’d always be something I would never be able to afford. When I thought about a Louis Vuitton bag, I thought of an exclusive club for women who worked their butt off. This might be a Christmas present I get myself, but I haven’t decided yet.

  • MacBook Pro 

 photo apple.jpg

I’m sorry to all you Apple haters out there, but I do want another MacBook Pro. There’s nothing wrong with the MacBook Pro that I have now, but I’ve had this one for 5, almost 6 years, and I want something lighter and without a broken screen. Not sure if I’ll really get another one, but it’d be nice to have a lighter version of what I have now.

Welp, that’s about it for now, and I must say it’s a lot of stuff, but I’ve been thinking about most of them for a while now.

Have you made a wish list? What do you have on it? OR, do you have any of these items? If you do, is it worth the price?

Until my next post!




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