[BLOGMAS] Day 9 – November 2015 Favorites

Hi! Hi! Hi!

It’s been so long since I posted a favorites, but I had to share some of the things that I’ve been so in love with during November. I haven’t been impressed with many products for almost a year, but these things have been a nice change of pace!

  • First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream

 photo Nov_1.jpgThis Winter I have been suffering from extremely dry elbows and other dry spots on my body, but I swear after two days of using this, my elbows weren’t rough and itchy and my dry spots were a lot smoother than it was before. I also love the fact that it didn’t leave my hands feeling greasy or sticky; it’s like my skin absorbs it. I also like the fact that there isn’t a heavy scent to it. I honestly couldn’t believe how well it worked!

  • Maybelline | Better Skin Foundation & FIT Me! Matte & Poreless  photo Nov_2.jpgThese 2 have been my favorite combination. I love the Better Skin foundation because it’s extremely light weight and blends in like a dream, while the Matte and Poreless is a little heavier looking than the Better Skin foundation. I don’t really care for the Matte and Poreless on its own because it’s a little too heavy and dry looking when I first apply it. It takes a little while for the Matte and Poreless to blend with my own body chemistry, but I do like it once it does. Combined these two give me the perfect mix between flawless and weightless.
  • Becca x Jacklyn Hill | Champagne Pop!  photo Nov_3.jpgDo I really need to explain why this is a favorite?! This highlighter is amazing and compliments a variety of skin tones. I feel like it pulls with your body’s natural undertone and creates the perfect highlight. I suggested it to one of my coworkers because she always asked how my skin looked so fresh and glowing, so I told her about this. She was very hesitant to spend the money, but when I saw her she hugged me because she was so excited with how her skin looked in person and in pictures. She fell in love with it! I love this thing! I’m even considering purchasing a back up because I don’t know if I could live without it!
  • The Balm | Betty Lou-manizer  photo Nov_4.jpgOkay, so I’m extremely tardy to the party on this one. I love this highlighter too, especially when I’m going for something a tinge more intense. You can see that this one isn’t as golden/peachy as the Champagne Pop, which is nice because sometimes I just want a light beige/gold sheen. This thing is also amazing and I love to alternate between this and Champagne Pop.
  • Versace | Bright Crystal  photo Nov_6.jpgThis is my new signature scent. I love florally, sweet scents, with a very slight warmer undertone and this is perfect! I feel like it’s a more mature scent compared to what I usually wear. I’m head over heels for this scent, however, I was a cheap-o and decided to buy it from TJ Maxx so I don’t think it’s as long-lasting as one from the department store.
  • ELF  | Professional Bronzing Brush photo Nov_9.jpgI love using this brush to highlight and bronze. I have 2, one is for highlighting and one is for bronzing. I used to use a duo fiber stippling brush from ELF to apply my highlight, but I wanted something that would make my highlight more intense. One day I used this brush instead of my stippling brush and my life was changed! I love using this because it give me an even application and I can concentrate my highlight on my nose bridge.
  • Jack Black | Lip Balm  photo Nov_10.jpgAgain, another life changing product. I’ve heard about this over and over again on YouTube, but I just never really got the hype. Then Winter came along and my lips have been so dry and chapped like never before. So in a last ditch effort I bout the shea butter flavor/scent from Sephora and my life was changed! I loved how moisturized my lips felt and it lasted so long on my lips. I bought a cheap kit from Sephora that included the natural mint flavor/scent and a face moisturizer from Jack Black (might give that to my boyfriend), but the natural mint is so refreshing! I love using it throughout the day because it’s a cooling sensation that feels so good! I love how tingly my lips get and it’s so moisturizing and the results stay.
  • L’Oreal | Burst Into Bloom  photo Nov_7.jpgI know, I know, this color is way too “bright” for Winter, but guess what, I don’t care! This color is so beautiful and I just drool over it. I love wearing it because it has this light duo-chrome finish to it. In some lights it looks like a simple purple, but in other lights it looks like a bright pink with some golden undertones. I love this so much and it’s one of my favorite colors! This would be perfect if you wanted to create an Elsa (Frozen) look. IF you haven’t tried it and you want to add a wearable bright color to your makeup collection, pick this baby up!

That’s all I have for my favorites! What have been some of your favorites in November? Let me know either in the comments below or on Twitter!




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