[BLOGMAS] Day 15 – Wait, How Many Days Till Christmas?!

Hi Hi Hi!

Can you guys believe it?! There are only 10 more days till Christmas… I’m not even close to getting my Christmas shopping done. How about you? Since there are only 10 more days, I want to do like a themed countdown/blogmas – does that make sense? Today I wanted to do 10 things you don’t know about me. Let’s get started! [Insert fun/funky music] **All images belong to their rightful owners – I am not claiming any of it to be mine**

    1. I like watching Doctor Who – although it’s not a huge thing anymore. I’m late to the bandwagon, so I don’t think I’m really jumping on anything, but my boyfriend got me into watching Doctor Who. It started off by just showing me like 2 episodes that he really liked – I know for sure one of them was “Don’t Blink,” not sure what the other one was. When it comes down to it, I haven’t been watching The Doctor for long – I started on the ninth Doctor and now I’m making my way through the eleventh Doctor. My favorite Doctor was David Tennant (#10).

 photo Doctor_1.jpg

  1. I’m a slob. Seriously, my room is always a hot mess. There’s so many things everywhere and I just find a way to just rearrange things instead of throwing them out haha. Though I’m a huge slob, I try to keep certain things organized and clean, I mean my car is kind of clean, but my planner is extremely organized! haha. Before, when I had some weekdays off, I would spend the days cleaning my room which was nice.
  2. I am a total shopaholic. You may be thinking, “isn’t every girl?” Yes and no. For me, I legitimately find a small high whenever I purchase something tangible. It doesn’t even have to cost a lot – it can be a soft drink, gum, chips, etc. and I enjoy buying it. If I had the money, I’m 99.9% sure I would’ve been able to stimulate the economy single handedly with my shopping habits. Now at work I’m surrounded by high-end stores, so my taste is getting a little bit more expensive; by high-end stores I’m talking about: Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Zegna, Mulberry, etc. My biggest vices are wallets and bags.
  3. I used to write slam poetry. If you don’t know what slam poetry, it’s poetry that’s spoken with so much more emotion and passion. It didn’t follow the typical rhyming scheme of poems, it was mainly based around free-form poetry focusing on the simile and metaphors. It was fun to be able to create pictures using words and I really enjoyed it.
  4. I used to be afraid of driving. Seriously, I used to be so afraid of driving that I didn’t get my license till I was 19. I still have those moments where I’m afraid, and I would opt to not drive, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
  5. I’m still a kid at heart. I know there are a lot of people who say that, but I’m legitimately a kid at heart. I still sleep with stuffed animals, I love to shop for stuffed animals, I enjoy coloring and putting puzzles together, I will throw a fit if I don’t get my way or if I haven’t had a nap, etc. I would honestly go to Build-A-Bear and create a bear and dress it myself, but it’s not worth spending the money because I have too many stuffed animals.
  6. I bleed black and gold. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a football reference – Pittsburgh Steelers fan here. I enjoy watching football. I wasn’t always into it, but it somehow grew on me. My dad is a huge fan and he passed that on to me. My youngest sister though likes to jump around and support different teams #sheaintloyal lol. You may think that my favorite player is either Antonio Brown or Leveon Bell (though he’s not playing), but believe it or not, my favorite player on the team is Heath Miller – in my eyes, he’s the most underrated Steelers player. He just knows how to make the plays and I can always count on him to get the first down.
  7. I want a huge makeup collection. Deep down, I have this secret goal to own every single makeup product out there. It’s a really expensive goal and probably not the best thing to invest in, but I love makeup and I just want it all. I love makeup and there’s something about it that makes me so happy. I would love to own everything from every makeup brand out there – but not the cheap ones that are made with some sketchy ingredients. I’ll pass.
  8. I’m usually seen as a dude in the group. Ever since middle school I had an easier time getting along with guys. I could make dirty jokes with them without being looked at weird, I could talk about weird things with them, I could curse around them without feeling judged, and in turn, they would ask me to check out girls for them. It’s rare that in a group, I’m seen as a girly-girl, but I like to think I’m a good mix of both.
  9. I enjoy reading the mystery alphabet series. This series is by Sue Grafton and it’s called the alphabet series because each book title follow the alphabet. Example, her first book is A is for AlibiI enjoy reading these because it’s just enough mystery where you question people’s intentions, but it’s not extremely complicated. I also enjoy how she ties in characters throughout the series. Right now I’m on J is for Judgement but since it’s an eversion, I haven’t been as into it. For some reason, I enjoy reading an actual book rather than an ebook.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more of my quirky/weird self. I admit, I am really weird, but I’ve learned to embrace it. Let me know what quirk you like about yourself in the comments or on Twitter @ciaociao808!




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