[FIRST IMPRESSION] L’Oreal | Lumi Cushion Foundation

Hi Hi Hi!

I’m finally back with a beauty review! It legitimately feels like I haven’t posted anything beauty related in a month! Anyhow, I am back with a review on an exciting drug store find.

If you’re in the beauty world, you’ll know that these types of “cushion” foundations have been talked about here and there. I mainly noticed it with some of the Asia based YouTubers I watch, but Lacome also came out with theirs a couple months ago.  photo Cushion 2.jpgI’ve tried it for a couple of days and here are some of my thoughts so far:


  • Lightweight: I love how it feels like I’m wearing nothing on my face and it doesn’t feel like I’m clogging up my pores especially since I’m patting the product right onto my skin.
  • Finish: The original Lumi foundation is definitely one of my favorites because it’s so lightweight and it gives a minimal glow to my skin. This has a similar finish to it when it’s not set, but even when it is set with powder, there’s still a little glow.
  • Color system: If you didn’t know L’Oreal breaks down their foundations based on warm, neutral, and cool undertones and each undertone has goes from light to dark using numbers (1 is the lightest, 2 second lightest, etc.). With the L’Oreal Lumi foundation (original) I use W3 and it matched my skin perfectly, and I went with the same color for this and it works just as well. The color system is perfect and I love/appreciate the consistency between the two different types of foundations. photo Cushion 3.jpg


  • Coverage: I really don’t like how thin and light the coverage is. I typically like my foundations with a medium coverage and this is just too thin for me. I have a lot of trouble spots and I don’t care if they’re fully concealed, I just want everything to be pretty even. When I wore this by itself, I felt like a lot of my trouble areas weren’t covered. I also felt like it made me look more tired than usual, almost like my dark circles were emphasized.
  • Longevity: I felt like this foundation came off extremely quick, after about 3 hours of wear, I felt like I had nothing on my face. I didn’t like how my face looked in the mirror after 3 hours and I wish that it would be easier to build the coverage.
  • Applicator: To me the applicator/pad soaks up too much of the product. At first it applied a decent amount, but I felt like the more I used it, the less coverage I was getting. I think I may try to dampen the pad with some sort of setting spray before I try it again.
  • Price: This is the most expensive drug store foundation that I’ve ever purchased. Without a discount it would’ve been $17 (plus tax). With an in-store $2 coupon, I paid $15. I don’t feel like this is worth paying that much for this.


  • Don’t expect too much coverage from this. The idea is to have a light/natural coverage.
  • When applying use a patting motion. Please don’t try to smear this on, the idea is that by using a patting motion you’ll get a more flawless application and coverage.
  • I choose to set it because personally it feels a little too tacky/wet for me. I like my face to feel like my face after I’m done putting on my makeup.
  • I enjoy adding this on top matte foundations. I have the Maybelline Fit ME! Matte and Poreless foundation and I don’t like wearing it on it’s own because it’s just too matte for me and I feel like it accentuates my fine lines and dry patches. I added this on top of it and it brought back a little life and dimension back to my face. It didn’t add much coverage, but I did enjoy the overall look.

Have you tried this out? What are your thoughts about it? I think this will be great for those who have amazing skin but are just looking for a teeny-tiny bit more coverage. It would also be great for those who are just getting in to makeup and don’t like the feel of foundation. This is so lightweight, I doubt they will feel like they have anything on.

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