[BEAUTY] Favorite Products of 2015

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I wanted to share some of my favorite products of 2015. I must be honest with you guys, some of these products didn’t have the greatest reviews from me, but the reason why they are included here is because it grew on me. So let’s jump in! **FYI there are probably a decent amount of lip products**

Maybelline – Purposeful Mauve

Prosporous Mauve

Unfortunately this was a limited edition release from Maybelline to celebrate their 100th anniversary, but this color is my ultimate favorite! It’s the perfect rosey mauve color that is a my lips but better color. The pigmentation is so on point and it feels so comfortable on my lips. I can wear this all day without my lips feeling dry or chapped. I just love this and I wish I picked up backups of it while it was still out.

Milani – Amore Matte Lip Creme – Beloved


When this originally came out, it was supposed to be a limited edition product. However, I heard from a YouTuber that Milani will be bringing this back as part of their permanent collection! Which is why I included it in this post. This formula is so long wearing and pretty comfortable on the lips. I must admit that after I take this off, I do have to give my lips a pretty healthy layer of lip salve just to give it back the moisture it lost. I also really love the smell of these, it’s just like sweet buttercream frosting! The only complaint that I have is that for some reason, my lips turn this into a orangey/red color and it doesn’t stay that dusty rose color like what it shows in the tube.

Revlon – Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor – HD Devotion


Another great matte liquid lipstick/stain formula. This thing feels so light and comfortable on my lips. It applies differently than my other matte lipsticks/stains because it feels much lighter, almost like it’s been whipped. It’s really strange, but I think that’s what makes it feel extremely comfortable on the lips. This particular color is perfect for everyday, especially when you get a little bored with the mauves.

Maybelline – Superstay Better Skin Foundation

Better Skin_2_Fotor

Okay, so I honestly was not impressed with this foundation and to be honest, I’m still not. So why is it on my favorites? Because this is a great everyday foundation. It may not offer me the coverage that I want, but it does offer the finish that I want. It’s not as luminescent as L’Oreal’s Lumi foundation, but it’s not an extremely matte foundation. It’s the perfect skin-like foundation. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments when I use this and a lot of people often ask if I’m wearing any foundation. Hands down, a great natural finish foundation that provides  more coverage than a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Maybelline – Lash Sensational (WP)

Lash SensationalAgain, this was not a product that I was super crazy about, but I ended up really liking it once it dried up, a lot. Once the formula dried up a lot, it did a great job at separating my lashes and defining them. However, it didn’t really add any volume, which I was fine with. This is definitely a mascara that I would’ve purchased again, but there were so many other mascaras to try!

Maybelline – Up In Smoke Palette – Highlighter

Maybelline_Up In Smoke_5

I’m not talking about the whole palette, but just the highlighter. I absolutely love this highlighter! It’s so much better than some of the highlighters that I’ve tried from the drug store lately, in fact, I feel like it competes with my Betty Lou-Manizer highlight! It’s more on the peachy side and is more pigmented/pronounced than some of the other ones. I also like the fact that there isn’t a lot of chunky bits of glitter in it. It’s smooth and applies evenly. My only wish is that Maybelline would sell it separately because the rest of the palette is a big flop.

L’Oreal – Infallible Eyeshadow – Burst Into Bloom  photo Nov_7.jpg

Seriously guys, if you are looking for an iridescent, duo-colored eyeshadow this is an amazing pick! In darker lights/shadows it looks like a regular plum color, but add a little light to it and you have this bright, in your face, pinky purple color, and I’m not talking about regular bleh purple, I’m talking about bright in your face purple! I love this color and it puts me in such a happy mood when I use it. I only wish that it would last a lot longer on my lids, but I don’t care. I absolutely love this color.

So those are my favorites of 2015! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Also, don’t forget to share with me what your favorite 2015 products were, I would love to check them out.

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