[LIFE] January 2016 Resolutions 

Hi hi hi!

When it comes to setting goals, I believe it’s easier to achieve smaller goals that add up to larger goals. 

By doing this you make it easier to manage your goals and you won’t feel bad about not reaching your overall goal. For example for 2016 you want to eat healthier. Instead of jumping right in and completely changing your diet, for the month of January, you cut down on excess sugar you eat. So for the first week of January instead of eating a bunch of sweets everyday, you limit yourself to eating sweets for 4 days. The next week you limit yourself to 3 days, and so on. By the time January ends you’ve already cut down the amount of excess sugar you are taking in. Then in February you incorporate more veggies into the mix while keeping the sugar out or limiting yourself to one treat a week. You want to keep building upon the progress that you’ve made.

Keep in mind, the smaller you make your goals the easier it is to accomplish. However just be wary about setting goals too low. You want it to be a little challenging, but you want to be able to accomplish it. Here are the goals I have for myself this month:
 photo B0B4920E-2FCE-4CFC-A446-E5F20AC6AD82.png

It may not seem like a lot but this is just January’s goals. I tried to make it a little difficult but manageable. I have broken these goals down week by week in my personal planner.

I just wanted to share what my resolutions are for this month and my hope is that you’ll take part in this too! Remember that every effort counts! Don’t be so harsh on yourself if you don’t see any results immediately.

Let me know what some of your resolutions are for 2016 or even this month! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr all @ciaociao808 – click the YouTube link on my home page and subscribe to me there too!!




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