[FIRST IMPRESSION] Maybelline- Lash Sensational | Lucious

Hi hi hi!

I finally have a makeup post! About time right?! Anyhow I’m super excited about this one mainly because the packaging is so YAAASSSS! Haha.. Here are my thoughts on it


  • Packaging: I know this doesn’t have to really deal with the performance of this mascara, but c’mon, the matte black and pink lettering pops and it feels so velvety when I hold it! I also like the fact that the scrapper/stopper in the tube does an amazing job at taking off any excess product.
  • Longevity: I’ve always adored Maybelline for how long their waterproof mascaras last on my lashes. I’ve never had to deal with any flaking or smudging throughout the day. I also like the fact that at the end of a 13 hour day my lashes are still curled.
  • Formula: The formula is my favorite type of formula. It’s not extremely dry, but it’s dry. I like this because I feel like I can get an even amount on my lashes without it being too weighed down.
  • Price: I believe I paid about $6 for it, which isn’t bad – in fact, I believe that nowadays this is pretty inexpensive for a mascara.

 photo D7E9A522-8FFE-4573-965C-1492ECD08DB6.pngCONs:

  • Brush: I don’t really care for the applicator for this particular mascara. The shape is a little too long for my eyes and I find myself having some trouble reaching the lashes on the outer and inner edges.
  • Removal: This is probably one of the more stubborn products that I have tried to remove. It takes about 3 different products for me to actually get my lashes clean. I go in with a makeup remover wipe, my facial cleanser (in the shower), and an oil-based makeup remover. Most mascaras, even when it’s waterproof, usually come off with my makeup removing wipe and/or my facial cleanser.

So far I’ve been testing this out for about two weeks, but I want to finish this tube before I post my final review.

Please let me know if you tried this and what you think about it! I’d love to hear what you guys think because we all have different thoughts!! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube! Links are on my home page loves!!




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