[CAREER] Blogging | Biggest Step Yet

Hi hi hi!

So a couple of days ago I did something… Something really big, well for me it’s big. If you look very closely at the url you might notice something. It’s very small, but it means something so much more than you can imagine. 

To be honest, I started blogging back in high school, but I never could stick with it. I probably started 6 blogs, here’s the blog that I had before I came to WordPress: http://ciaociao808.blogspot.com/

I enjoyed blogging, but I never could really throw myself in it, but the closer graduation day came (from college), the more convinced I was that this is what I loved doing. However, I ran out of time to really invest in blogging because before I knew it, I was walking across that stage shaking our Dean’s hand. A couple short months after that I was working a full time job.

I already had a feeling that the typical office lifestyle wasn’t for me. It was difficult for me to feel comfortable with sitting down for 8 hours, and just operating on auto-pilot. I love being creative and talking about things that I am passionate about, because of this I threw myself into making this blog work. I combined everything into this one main blog because CiaoCiao808 has been a screen name that I’ve used since middle school or high school (whatevers, point is, most of my friends know me by this). I wanted this blog to encompass everything that I enjoy to do and in reality I enjoy doing a ton of different things. I enjoy cooking/baking, playing with makeup, traveling, tasting new food, venturing to new places, puzzles, shopping, etc. Out of all the things I enjoy doing, helping others is by far my favorite.

During high school, I seemed to have always been there to be comfort and aid my friends. I enjoyed talking to them and helping them out with their problems and in turn they helped me with mine. I realized that social media, although it can make you feel alone, can be a great way to not feel alone. You can find a group of people who have the same interest as you and who enjoy the same things as you do – you can also find people who are more supportive of your situation than those around you. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be able to tell someone, “You are not alone” and I felt like this blog was a great way to do that as well.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to buy my domain name. This may be a small thing to some people, but for me, it was like I signed a contract with myself. By buying my domain name, I was finally investing in my dream. Though I spend hundreds on makeup and other etc. items, buying my domain name is a true investment in what I hope will be a career.

Have you bought your domain name? What prompted you to do it? If you haven’t bought your domain name yet, what’s stopping you?

Don’t forget to stay connected with me on Twitter (@ciaociao808), Instagram (@ciaociao808), and YouTube (link on homepage)!





3 thoughts on “[CAREER] Blogging | Biggest Step Yet

  1. How awesome for you!!!! Looks like you are putting your dream into action. No I haven’t bought my domain name. I’m not certain I will keep this name. I would love to earn a living from my blog. Best wishes to you! Keep putting one foot in front of the other! 🙂


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