[BEAUTY] Wish List Wednesday

Hi Hi Hi!

With Spring launches right around the corner, I wanted to compile a list of the products I currently want to try before any of the new stuff hits the shelves! Keep in mind that this is a list of products that I could potentially talk myself into getting, so they will be pretty affordable and will mostly be department store brands. Interested to see what’s on my list? **Pictures belong to their original owners – none of these pictures are mine**

  • MAC Cosmetics | Retro Matte – Back In Vogue 

MAC - Back In VogueWhen I heard that MAC was coming out with this type of a formula I was extremely excited. I love matte lip colors mainly because I feel like they’re the easiest to maintain. They barely budge and it’s easy to add some moisture without ruining the the overall look. Also, the packaging looks so different and cool!

  • NARS| Velvet Matte Skin Tint

NARS - Velvet Matte I have yet to try anything from NARS, and I’ve heard a lot of great things about some of their foundations. I haven’t invested in any of them yet because they all seem to be pretty full coverage and I like more of a medium-full coverage. This seems like it’d be a great medium coverage foundation. I actually might pick this up next month!

  • Urban Decay | Gwen Stefani Collection – Phone Call

Phone CallI was thinking about picking this up when I bought the Gwen Stefani blush palette, but then I saw my total and snapped myself back to reality real quick haha! This particular shade is only available on Urban Decay’s website and their store. I like how bright this color looks and I think it’d be absolutely amazing during Spring and Summer! If I bought it, I would probably have to really invest in whitening my teeth (boo!).

  • Dior | Dior Addict Lipstick – Be Dior

Dior Addict Lipstick - Be DiorI swatched this particular shade in Sephora back in October. I really wanted to buy it as a mini birthday present for myself, but I had already purchased another Dior lipstick a week before. I’ve still been contemplating about it, I saved a picture of it on my phone, especially since it has that hydra-gel formula in the middle.

  • Make Up For Ever | Artist Palette Volume 3 

MUFE - Artist Palette Volume 3 - FloralsI have been hearing such amazing things about these Make Up For Ever shadows, and I feel like this palette has a bunch of fun colors that I would actually use! One of my coworkers was telling me that she thinks this is definitely worth the investment because they’re just so pigmented and rich.

  • Clinique | Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

Beyond Perfecting Foundation + ConcealerOkay, for the past 3 months I have only heard amazing things about this! From what I’ve seen, it provides amazing coverage while being super lightweight and blendable. I really want to try this, but a lot of the Clinique foundation that I tried had a harsh pinky undertone or oxidized to a weird orange color. I’ve been extremely hesitant about actually biting the bullet and purchasing a foundation from Clinique, but who knows, there’s a first for everything.

  • Clinique | Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm

Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip BalmThis seems like a super gimmicky product, but I can’t help but to be drawn in by the color. Basically it’s a lip scrub that comes with a moisturizing lip balm. I think if the lip sugar scrub (the pigmented portion) stains that lips a little, you could get a really cute “I just ate a popsicle/lollipop” look. If not, I’m assuming it smells amazing???

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts on the products you tried? Also, what’s on your wish list? Let me know in the comments down below!

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